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Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) was one of the most influential British book illustrators of the Victorian era. Wildly popular in England, she also attracted a wide audience in the United States and many of her books were printed in German and French editions as well.

Greenaway's enchanting watercolors of children wearing clothing from an earlier age evoked the Victorian reader's sense of nostalgia for the rural life of eighteenth-century England, and echoed her own longing to retreat from the industrial urban setting of her native London. Her work continues to touch a chord in all of us for a simpler and more gentle time.

"Molly & Jack" - Kate Greenaway twins from R. JOHN WRIGHT - are faithfully based on the charming Kate Greenaway illustrations. The twins stand approximately 8" tall, and are constructed of the finest all-wool felt. Fully jointed, Molly & Jack each have a sculpural hollow torso with an internal wood mechanism to connect the ball and socket limbs and head and allow for expressive posing. The tiny sculptural hands are sewn with individual fingers and the facial features are delicately painted by hand. Each doll has a wig of the finest imported mohair.

Greenaway's darling little boy is costumed in a tailored period 2-pc cotton suit with organdy ruffles at the neck and wrists and tiny mother of pearl buttons. He has cotton stockings and hand-cobbled leather shoes. He is topped by a natural straw braid hat embellished with a band of handmade felt daisies.

The sweet little matching girl wears a beautifully detailed outfit made of cotton and organdy with a matching cape. Her fetching bonnet is sewn of natural straw braid - also decorated with tiny handmade daisies. Period undergarments and silk stockings complete her delightful period ensemble.

Molly & Jack are produced in an small edition of 150 sets. Both dolls will come together with matching edition numbers inside a deluxe RJW presentation box. Included with each set is the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. Molly & Jack are available through all RJW authorized retailers and directly from the RJW COMPANY STORE.

The online purchase price includes shipping and insurance in the domestic United States. For overseas shipping rates, please contact the RJW office. You may also place your order request via phone at 1-802-447-7072. All orders are subject to availability.

There are more production photos of Molly & Jack!

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