Featured Event

Welcome to the UFDC 75th Annual Convention, the premier event for collectors and enthusiasts of dolls and doll related interests. This year's convention promises to be a truly special and memorable experience for all attendees, as it is a celebration of 75 years since the United Federation of Dolls Clubs was founded.

Furthermore, the UFDC 75th Annual Convention offers a platform for collectors to network and connect with like-minded individuals. You will have the opportunity to meet fellow collectors, exchange knowledge and experiences, and forge lasting friendships within the community.  

R. John Wright will be featured at one of the meal events planned. The event in keeping with the UFDC convention theme "There's No Place Like Home" will be titled "Going Home". Everyone will remember the scene at the end of "The Wizard of OZ" where Dorothy is to be taken home by the Wizard in his Omaha State Fair  hot air balloon. The souvenir doll that R. John Wright will be creating is a 11" cabinet size Dorothy as she appears at the end of the film, with alternative hairstyle worn down, softly framing her face with hair bow.  She will be dressed in her gingham frock with authentic ruby slippers.

In keeping with the theme there will be felt/silk hot air balloon centerpieces created by R. John Wright Dolls, Inc. A miniature Toto will be offered as the companion. Be sure to register for this truly memorable dinner event!