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EMAIL: Sending us an email is a great way to ask questions about our products. We will respond within our standard office hours, not after 5pm Monday through Friday or on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Please note, orders cannot be completed using email. We will not ask for credit card information in an email, nor send you links for payment in an email. All of our business and financial operations are based in the US.

There has been instances of someone using one of our email addresses to scam customers by joining in on conversations pretending to be us. Please be cautious, and if you suspect that something is wrong in an email conversation you can call us to confirm. We are working to resolve this issue. If you do find yourself in this situation we recommend that you inform your bank immediately. You can also contact the bank of the account that received the money, as they may be able to freeze those funds and return them to you.

FREE SHIPPING: Your order will be expertly packed and shipped at no charge via UPS for orders with shipping addresses within the Continental United States. Worldwide service is also available upon request. Please call the RJW office for overseas rates.

PRE-ORDERS: A pre-order is an order you can place for an item before it is in stock and available for shipping.

- Your payment method will be charged once the order has been placed.

- This insures earliest shipping once item is available. Pre-orders are filled on a "first in/first out basis"

FREE NUMBERING SERVICE: If you have already begun collecting dolls in a series, we will be happy to match your edition number if available at no extra charge. If this is your first purchase in a series, we will notify you if and when subsequent pieces are released so that you can have the option to acquire the same edition number. Secondary market prices have shown that matched-number collections are worth considerably more than random-numbered collections.

FREE GIFT: Your order with the RJW Company Store will include a complimentary R. John Wright Gift Certificate which may be applied towards your next purchase from the RJW Company Store! The certificate must be mailed to the RJW office or presented in person to be applied. Complimentary Gift Certificates not applicable toward order totals under $100.00

RETURN POLICY: Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, your order may be returned within 30 days of purchase. You will be responsible for proper repackaging and the return shipping cost of the item.  A refund or exchange credit  for the purchase price less a restocking fee of 5% will be arranged within 30 days of the return date. 

ABOUT ARTIST PROOFS: In addition to the regular production, exactly five (5) "Artist Proofs" are assigned for every edition. Artist Proofs do not differ from standard production pieces, but are hand-picked and marked on the certificate and tag as "Artist Proof." The designation AP/1 through AP/5 is used.  Due to their rarity, they are highly sought after by collectors.