Production Photos from 2009

Production Photos from 2009

The following photos were taken during the production of The Lady Mouse & Gentleman Mouse:

Dressing the tiny Gentleman Mouse

Last minute adjustments to the Lady & Gentleman Mice

The following photos were taken during the production of Goldilocks & Baby Bear:

Goldilock's face is hand painted

A few Goldilocks await finishing

The Baby Bears are crying as they get ready to leave

Baby Bear's porridge bowls are made at our workshop

The stripes are meticulously painted by hand

Goldilocks has her wooden spoon attached to her hand

Goldilocks & Baby Bear are carefully boxed together

The following photos were taken during the production of The Chinaman Brownie:

Meticulously hand painting The Chinaman's faces

The Chinaman's felt peasant shoes!

Fine handwork is done on The Chinaman's coolie hat

The following photos were taken during the February, 2009 production of Spring Delivery:

A group of chicks await their Spring Delivery

Felt flowers individually made in our workshop

Molded felt eggs are filled with felt flowers

The chicks and their carts are ready to roll!

Spring Delivery is carefully packaged

The following photos were taken during the March, 2009 production of The March Hare:

Rabbit faces begin to form in the RJW Studio

The March Hare's features are artistically airbrushed

The March Hare's felt coat is fully-lined

The March Hare's vest has individually inset felt dots

The rabbit dressing party!

A tray full of rabbits

The March Hares with their built-in display stands

A scattering of straw is the final touch

The March Hares ready to be boxed

The March Hare leaves to join his new owner

The following photos were taken during production of items for "Springtime Frolics" - the first R. John Wright Convention

Felt corsages for the Apple Blossoms in Vermont luncheon

Hand assembling each of the intricate bouquets

Trays of completed apple blossoms and daffodils

The daffodil napkin rings are artfully finished

The Daffy Down Dilly mouse is costumed in silk

Her pretty silk gown has tiny pearl buttons & tiny silk bows

All dressed for town with their straw bonnets tied on

A felt stamin is carefully inserted into an organdy daffodil

The completed flowers will make beautiful table centerpieces

These felt sweet peas will be used in other table centerpieces

Turning the incredibly tiny fingers of the souvenir doll

The fingers & arms are hand stuffed with kapok

Each leather shoe upper is carefully dyed by hand

Mohair is wound on tiny wood dowels for processing

Rebecca, the souvenir doll, awaits her bonnet & shawl

The completed souvenir dolls are carefully boxed

The following photos were taken during production of the Indian Brownie.

Tiny felt buttons for the Indian Brownie are airbrushed

Hand sewing on the Indian Brownie's moccassins

A tray of completed Indian Brownie's moccassins

Airbrushed felt buttons and feathers await the finishing team

The Indian's intricate costume is carefully detailed

The Indian's custom-made tomahawk is assembled

 group of completed wood and metal tomahawks

All the components come together at dressing

A tray of completed Brownies await boxing

Each Brownie is nestled inside its presentation box

The Indians look apprehensive about their fate!

The following photos were taken during production of the Irishman Brownie.

The Brownie Irishman is hand assembled in several stages

Custom-made teeny buttons are sewn on by hand

The felt hats are blocked with leather hatbands

The tiny felt jackets are lined up for dressing

Dressing the Irishman is tedious work

The Brownies are lined up and ready to go!

The wood shillelagh is inserted in the Irishman's hand

The following photos were taken during production of the Sweet Pea Baby.

A tray of delicate, handmade felt sweet peas

he silk fairy dresses are specially treated

Hand painting the tiny baby fairy face

The silk organza fairy wings are artfully finished

The baby fairy features the new ball & socket jointing system

The baby fairy sits patiently while her hair is styled

The felt blossom bonnet is gathered, shaped, and airbrushed

A tray of fairies holding their sweet pea flowers

The fairies are ready to be packaged

he Sweet Pea Baby Fairy is boxed

The following photos were taken during production of Molly & Jack - the Kate Greenaway Twins.

Various production tasks are performed by hand

Molly & Jack's faces are carefully hand painted

The tiny leather shoes are skillfully formed by hand

After forming, each shoe is polished white

Thousands of incredibly tiny felt daisies are constructed

The felt daisies are used to trim the straw bonnets

Molly is dressed in her period costume

Jack undergoes the dressing procedure

Jack's hat is tied with a silk bow

Molly is put insider her presentation box

The following photos were taken during production of the Sweet Pea Fairy.

The bodies are molded in the custom molding press

Sweet Pea's face is carefully hand painted

Felt for the petal skirts is pre-molded

After forming, each petal is individually cut out

Glue is applied to the silk fairy shoes

The tiny fairy shoes are hand cobbled

A block of completed silk fairy shoes

With ball & socket joints, the dolls are assembled

Sweet Pea's silk bodice is precisely airbrushed

The mohair wig is skillfuly styled

 Hand painted silk organza fairy wings are attached

The Sweet Pea Fairies gather to be shipped

A flock of fairies await boxing

The Sweet Pea Fairy is put inside her presentation box

The following photos were taken during production of Black Magic - the Halloween Mouse.

Black Magic's features are hand embroidered

The imported glass eyes are carefully inserted

Wire is put into the hem of Black Magic's silk cape

The wizard hats are blocked on a wooden dowel

Decorative star & moon shapes are applied by hand

The delicate whiskers are inserted following costuming

A group of completed Black Magic's await boxing

The felt lined presentation boxes with Black Magic inside!

A group of R. John Wright associates celebrate Halloween!

The following photos were taken during production of The Primrose Fairy™.

Primrose Fairy's™ skirt petals are molded

Each section is individually molded by hand

Handpainted heads get their mohair wigs

The delicate silk wings are hand colored

The dainty silk slippers are cobbled by hand

Felt primroses are artistically airbrushed

The realistic flowers are inserted in the hands

The Primrose Fairies ™ are ready for flight!

The following photos were taken during the production of THE WINTER MICE Fritz and Annamarie.

Felt holly is made for Annamarie

Each berry and leaf is carefully sewn and assembled by hand

Completed sprigs of felt holly

A curved needle is used to embroider the mouse's nose

A leather tail is dampened and curled into position 

Annamarie's tiny felt dress gets put on first

This is followed by her plush trimmed jacket

Annamarie is ready to celebrate the Holidays early!

Annamarie's companian Fritz is ready to celebrate with her!

Fritz gets the final touch, his dapper top hat

The following photos were taken during production of the Christmas Tree Fairy™.

Christmas Tree Fairy's™ organdy dresses are skillfully sewn

Each wing is individually painted by hand

The finished silk organza wings

Each face is beautifully painted by hand

The mohair wig is styled with its star headband

The delicate silk wings are carefully attached

A group of fairies await packaging

Each is enclosed with numbered certificate

Inside the custom presentation box

The fairies leave to celebrate the Holidays!


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