Billy Boy Blue - LAST ONE

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Billy boy blue, come blow your horn,
The sheeps' in the meadow, the cows'
in the corn;
Is that the way you mind your sheep,
Under the haycock fast asleep?

The final piece in the charming series of costumed mice based on the Olde Mother Goose nursery rhymes illustrated by Kate Greenaway is "Billy Boy Blue." Measuring just 3", he is made of the finest mohair plush and jointed at the neck and shoulders. Our first-ever sleeping mouse , Billy Boy Blue has embroidered features, realistic airbrushed coloring, inset whiskers, resin hands and feet, and a leather tail.

Billy Boy Blue is costumed in a custom-dyed cotton smock of the period with authentic pleating at the front and tiny buttons down the back. A brimmed hat sewn of natural straw braid completes his charming period ensemble. Around his neck is a tiny cow's horn made of cold-painted pewter. Over one shoulder rests his finely-detailed shepard's crook handcrafted of pewter and wood.

Billy Boy Blue joins the previous, 7 issues in the Mother Goose Mice Series and is likewise limited to only 150 pieces worldwide. Subject to availability, the matching-number service will be provided to other pieces in the Mother Goose collection. Each Billy Boy Blue will come complete with hay inside a deluxe RJW presentation box with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate.

There are more production photos of Billy Boy Blue.

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