Production Photos from 2013

Production Photos from 2013

The following photos were taken during production of Toto - from the Wizard of Oz™ series

Toto's fur is carefully cut to maintain the pile

The parts are skillfuly sewn together on the industrial machine

A Toto face is molded in the custom press

A group of preliminary Toto heads

Toto's head is jointed to his body

Heavy felt-covered wire is inserted in the legs

Natural kapok stuffing is placed inside Toto

he stuffing holes are sewn closed by hand

The felt lining of the ears is applied

The seams are brushed prior to painting

Toto receives his airbrushed 'brindle' coloration

A lineup of styled dogs ready for boxing

Toto is carefully placed inside his Oz presentation box

Each receives the numbered certificate of authenticity

The Toto sisters (Mary Ann & Emily Toto) pose with their namesake!

The following photos were taken during during production of Little Bo-Peep and Jack & Jill.

After jointing, the mouse arms are stuffed and sewn closed by hand

The heads and bodies are hand stuffed with natural kapok

Preliminary molding in the custom press assures uniformity

The resin hands and feet are wired

The glass eyes are inserted by hand

Each mouse receives its hands, feet, and leather tail

Little Bo-Peep's tiny frock is sewn together

Several ironing steps are required along the way

he delicate silk ruffles are gathered for Bo-Peep's dress

The fine wood and pewter shepardess crooks are handcrafted

Each Bo-Peep receives her numbered back tag

A group of Little Bo-Peep's receive their shepardess crooks

The pocket flaps are sewn to Jack's smock

The drape of the fabric is carefully arranged and steamed in place

Jill's bonnet is sewn together from natural straw braid

Jack's felt hat is molded in the heated press

The tiny wooden buckets are painted by hand

Jill's dainty dress is sewn together

Constant ironing steps are required

The silk ribbons are applied to the bonnets

At last Jill is ready to be dressed

The straw bonnets are put on the mice and the bows tied

Each Jill receives the numbered back tag

Jack & Jill are boxed together with their wooden pail

The following photos were taken during during production of the Brownie Scotchman 

The Scotchman's plaid felt begins to be mapped out

A combination of sewing and airbrushing creates the plaid pattern

Perle cotton twist and thread are sewn to the felt

The finished fabric is wired and pleated for the kilt

The Scotchman's Balmoral cap is constructed

A pile of coats await ironing and finishing

The leather belts have their custom brass buckles added

The Scotchman's shoes are made of custom leather dyed blue

A tray of preliminary un-stuffed dolls

The faces are carefully hand painted in several stages

Each fur sporran requires hand-inserted mohair tufts

Custom brass parts are added to create the sporran

The decorative rosettes are first sewn and gathered

The all-felt rosettes are assembled

The completed rosettes are added to the sashes

The tiny felt hat feathers are artistically hand colored

The feathers are added to the Scotchman's cap

Tiny brass buttons are sewn to the clothing

The leather belt is positioned in place and buckled

The gold-filled chain is fastened to the sporran

Trays full of Scotchmen await their sashes and hats

These Brownies are ready for boxing!

Each Scotchman is beautifully packaged and sent on his way


The following photos were taken during during production of Isabelle from the Toddler Bear Series

After sewing, Isabelle's torso is closed by hand

Likewise, the head opening is sewn closed by hand

The bears are artistically airbrushed

The detailed paws are hand stuffed with kapok

A group of bears await dressing

The flirty ruffles are sewn to Isabelle's romper

The straps are attached to the bubble romper

Isabelle's sun hat is sewn together

Several ironing steps are required

These discs are being gathered for the hat's covered button

Buttoning Isabelle's romper

The hat is positioned over the ears and buckled

The Isabelle's are beautifully boxed

Each receives its Certificate of Authenticity


The following photos were taken during during production of Forever - the Bride and Groom Mice

The Groom mouse has his tie adjusted for his Big Day

The miniature felt top hats receive their final assembly

The bands in place, the brims are gently curled

A tray of Brides are ready for dressing

The stamens are inserted for construction of the bridal bouquets

The stems are wrapped with fine silk ribbon

The lovely Brides have their veils in place

Silk flower accents are added to the veil

The Groom's top hat is positioned in place

The Bride receives her floral bouquet and is ready for the ceremony!


The following photos were taken during during production of Little Miss Muffet

The Little Miss Muffet mouse's features are hand embroidered

Her dress is sewn of custom-dyed cotton batiste

The apron is made from custom-printed cotton fabric

A thread is run through the hem to gather the skirt

It's not as easy as you think to dress these!

After sewing and blocking, the straw bonnet is assembled

Ultra-fine pure silk ribbons are added to Miss Muffet's bonnet

The bonnet is fitted over the mouse's ears

The teeny little metal spoon is placed in Miss Muffet's hand

Two trays of completed mice with their wooden bowls

Little Miss Muffet is arranged inside her deluxe box


The following photos were taken during during production of Billy Boy Blue

Well before production began, Billy Boy Blue's horn was sculpted in fine modeler's wax

The resin feet and hands are attached to the mice

Delicate airbrushed coloration is applied

he mouse's features are hand embroidered

A tray of sleepy mice await dressing!

The little smock is pulled over his head

Workers can't resist smiling as they dress the mice!

Tiny custom-made buttons are sewn on the back

The pewter horns are carefully airbrushed

Hand painted details are added

The horns receive their hanging cords

The straw hats are positioned over the ears

A tray of mice with smocks and hats

A special tool is used to twist the hatbands

The hatband is added to the straw hat

The mice and hats come together

Each mouse receives his handcrafted shepard crook

A tray of completed mice await boxing

Each Billy Boy Blue is boxed with his haystack!


The following photos were taken during during production of Flossie and Blackie the Springtime Lambs

Fine Schulte plush wool fabric from Germany is cut out

The complex pattern for Flossie is sewn together

At the same time, Blackie is also being sewn

The face foundations are made of molded buckram

The bottoms of the legs are prepared for hooves

After the face is molded, the opening is closed by hand

Wood inserts are put into each leg

Here Flossie is molded in the custom-metal molds

Molding gives form and consistency to each lamb

Each hoof is molded from felt and buckram

The felt hooves are attached to the bottom of the legs

The realistic felt nose is applied to the face

Each lamb is artistically airbrushed

Blackie's rustic tin bells are formed

Flossie's daisies are handmade completely out of felt

RJW associate, Angela, has an armfull!

Each lamb is carefully packaged with certificate.

Flossie gets ready to meet her new owner!

The following photos were taken during during production of Ida & Tom the Summer Mice 

The felt daisy petals are molded in the custom press

Construction begins on the realistic all-felt daisies

Felt is wrapped to create the daisy centers

The centers are added to the daisy petals

Slightly different procedures are used to create the buds

Hundreds of daisies take over the RJW workshop!

A lovely bouquet of handmade felt flowers

Here the mouse feet and hands are wired

Ida receives her airbrushed coloration

Each mouse is carefully dressed

Ida is situated on her wooden swing

The bright yellow buttercup blossoms are individually molded

The flowers are arranged with the felt leaves

Pretty clusters of all-felt buttercups

A view of the RJW Flower Shoppe

The flowers are added to the bases

Each item is carefully positioned

The daisy is bent in place to hold the swing

The ropes of Ida's swing are tied to the stem

A completed group ready for final inspection

Tom gets his airbrushed coloration


Tom is dressed in his checkered jacket

A tray of Tom mice in process

The tiny buttons are sewn to Tom's felt beanie

Ida peers through a field of flowers

RJW associate, Emily, boxes the Summer Mice

Each piece is carefully packed for safe travel

The following photos were taken during production of George and Martha - Washington Waltz

The molded felt doll parts lined with buckram

Each face is meticulously hand painted

Skillful airbrushing provides added depth

Martha's all-silk petticoat is sewn and topstitched

The skirt is lined and gathered

Many ironing steps are required

George's coat is constructed of custom-made striped fabric

Martha's outfit also features custom-designed silk fabrics

Mohair is sewn into fringe for the wigs

Martha's wig is carefully styled

George's period wig is hand styled

The colonial-style wig is smoothed in place

A tray of mob caps await their ribbons

Brass buttons are sewn to George's waistcoat

The seams on George's hat are ironed flat

A tray of completed hats

The buttons are sewn to the leather shoes

Silk rosettes are added to George's slippers


Dressing begins on Martha

The quilted silk underskirt is slipped in place

Next is the striped silk bodice and overskirt

Tiny silk bows adorn the front

Meanwhile, George gets ready for the ball

Trays of dolls in process

Emily admires handsome George

George receives his finishing touches

Prior to packaging, each piece is carefully inspected

A sequentially-numbered tag is sewn to each doll

Georges receive their number assignation

Each piece is placed in the deluxe box with accompanying certificate

The following photos were taken during production of Merry Wanderer®: The Hummel Series

Sewing begins on the Merry Wanderer's satchel

The construction of each satchel is meticulously hand-guided

Several sewing steps are  required

A group of completed satchels with wooden handles

The felt arms are carefully sewn, stuffed, and molded

Sewing together the Merry Wanderer's jacket

A tray of molded felt torsos with jointed legs

Assembling the Merry Wanderer's hat

The distinctive derby-style hat is hand-blocked into shape

Airbrushing the colors onto the umbrella

Assembly of the felt and wood umbrella

The Merry Wanderer's fine hand-cobbled leather shoes

 At last everything comes together

A net protects the hair as the doll is costumed

A group of Merry Wanderer dolls await finishing and boxing

The following photos were taken during production of Hummel Skier

The faces of the  Hummel Skier are hand painted

The wooden skis are made at the RJW workshop

Several steps are  required - here the edges are sanded

Thin leather strips are prepared for the ski poles

Trays of authentic vintage-style ski poles

A tray of completed skis and ski poles

The brass eyelets are applied to the hand cobbled boots

A group of Skier's await final inspection

The Hummel Skier dolls ready for packaging


The following photos were taken during production of Deck the Hall - a Christmas Mice

Tiny hands and feet are wired and attached to each mouse

The fine leather tails are measured and trimmed

The felt and cotton jackets are sewn on the industrial machine

The cape is sewn with fur trim and silk lining

The mouse clothing is ironed during production

Several ironing steps are required

The pocket flaps are turned on the turner

After sewing, the capes must also be turned rightside out

The felt bonnet crowns are molded and marked for construction

These tiny silk bows will decorate the bonnet

The sections of the cap are sewn

These are the brims of the felt cap

Each little cap is blocked and shaped

The dapper top hats are carefully finished

Groups of mice are meticulously dressed

The felt caps are positioned on the mice

The song books are added to each mouse


A group of lady carolers and their bonnets

The delicate whiskers are applied last

A group of mice pass final inspection and await boxing

The sets are packaged together with matching certificates

The following photos were taken during production of Snowball: Christmas Kitten

The kittens' tiny paw pads are individually molded out of felt

After molding, the pads are delicately airbrushed

The limbs are carefully shaved and contoured

The paw pads are positioned in place

A mini-iron heated tool provides detailed finishing

The felt kitten nose is applied to the face

The face receives its second molding

A tray of heads await airbrushing

The kittens are jointed and hand sewn

The German glass pupil eyes are inserted.

A tray of felt and plush capelets

Each fur ball for the capelet is hand stuffed and sewn

Gather stitches are sewn for the felt holly berries

The kittens are dressed for shipment

A group of finished kittens await boxing

Each Snowball receives a matching numbered tag & certificate

A Snowball kitten eagerly awaits her new owner!

The following photos were taken during production of Woodruff - Classic Teddy

A pile of sewn Woodruff's ready for stuffing

Each bear is skillfully packed with 100% cotton stuffing

The snouts are carefully shaved and contoured

Each nose is hand embroidered

After sewing, each gumdrop is hand stuffed and closed

Following molding and airbrushing, adhesive is applied

The gumdrops receive their faux-sugar coating

Voila! - a realistic all-felt gumdrop!

Each Woodruff will contain five different color gumdrops

Woodruff's pure silk ribbon is pre-tied in a bow

A tray of completed bears await final inspection

Finished Woodruff's are taken down to shipping

The bears are numbered with matching certificate

Each bear is carefully packaged - Merry Christmas!

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