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Individual Heinzel "Spring" Standard Sold Out  available only in set. Limited sets 2 remaining

Introducing the newest R. John Wright series “Heinzel-Four Seasons" licensed from the estate of famed Austrian illustrator, Ida Bohatta, who created children's books in the early 1900's.   Heinzel is a whimsical 5" gnome who inhabits the world of nature with all his bird, insect and animal friends. The "Heinzel-Four Seasons" series will consist of four Heinzels appropriately dressed accompanied by a bird, insect, or animal companion.


"Heinzel-Four Seasons" is  limited to only 100 pieces each worldwide.  Matching edition numbers  are offered subject to availability.  Each Heinzel comes enclosed in a deluxe presentation box. The interior is lined with the corresponding Ida Bohatta scene for the season. Each comes with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.


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