Turk Brownie

Name: Brownie Turk

Description: All felt; molded hand painted features; height 9"; jointed arms and neck; wired legs; outfitted in a delightful costume from the historic Ottoman Turkish Empire. His robe is made of wool felt trimmed with silk and tied at the waist with a silk sash. An Arabic medallion hangs from a cord around his neck and he wears Turkish shoes decorated with metallic braid. In one hand the Turk holds his scimitar sabre hand crafted out of wood by the R. John Wright artisans. A molded felt fez provides the foundation for The Turk's authentic felt turban which is topped with a crescent moon.

Date of Release: 2018

Edition Notes: Limited Edition: 150. Part of the Palmer Cox Brownie Collection.

There are production photos for the Turk Brownie.

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