Sing Sweet Nightingale

Name: Sing Sweet Nightingale

Description: Measuring approximately 9" seated, Cinderella as scullery maid is constructed of all-wool felt. Fully jointed (including knees) she has molded, hand painted features and a hand-knotted mohair wig. Cinderella wears a linen and felt costume with leather slippers. A delicate custom handblown glass bubble balances on her fingertips. Also included is a hand carved wooden bucket filled with custom handblown glass bubbles and a miniature wood and bristle scrub brush. The items are posed against a folding handpainted background depicting the foyer of Stepmother's mansion. Overall Height: 20"

Date of Release: 2008

Edition Notes: This One-of-a-Kind Set-Up sold at the 2008 Walt Disney World Teddy Bear and Doll Convention auction for the event's top price of $10,000.