Hugs Around The World Artist Proof #2

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In these times of uncertainty and stress we could all use a "Hug"

In 2005 R. John Wright Dolls, Inc. created a one of a kind for the American Teddy Bear Relief Auction to benefit victims of the Tsunami Disaster. This piece consisted of three fully-jointed 23" bears made of mohair with glass eyes and embroidered features. Made in various shades of mohair plush they reflected the diverse world population. They were posed around a handmade globe of Earth made entirely of felt. This magnificent piece realized $25,000 at the benefit auction.

Now R. John Wright is offering a special small-scale replica of this one-of-a-kind creation! Each of the three bears in the "hug" encircling our planet measure 8 inches tall. The bears are fully jointed and made of finest mohair plush. Included is a handmade model of Earth made entirely of felt with applied continents, raised relief mountain ranges and hand painted detail. The display is mounted on a handsome felt-covered wood base. To maximize display options, the jointed bears are free-standing and removable from the base. Each bear has a brass eyelet in the bottom of the right foot which can be slid onto metal pegs in the base for secure posing. The base also features an engraved brass plaque showing the limited edition number. Included is a custom-made, museum-quality, protective acrylic cover. The total outside dimensions measure: 12" X 12" X 11 5/8" high. This is an outstanding edition, a must-have for the serious collector.

This timely R. John Wright "Hug" is limited to just 100 pieces worldwide. Each will arrive with a certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. 

NOTE: A portion of the sales of each R. John Wright "Hugs Around the World" will be donated to the Vermont Food Bank which is  helping those directly affected by  Covid-19. Stay healthy.

There are more production photos for Hugs Around the World 

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