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The "Golliwogg" made his first literary appearance in 1895 in a series of Children's books by Florence K. Upton. The enormous critical and commercial success of these books established the Golliwogg's reputation in the world of playthings. The Golliwogg's likeness was made in doll form along with a profusion of related merchandise. Store-fronts were filled with everything Golliwogg! The Golliwogg soon established itself as the most popular doll of its time and along with the Teddy Bear became a cherished part of British childhood.

The Golliwogg has a rich history in the world of toys. The earliest commercially made Golliwoggs were manufactured by the Margarite Steiff Company in Giengen, Germany between 1908 and 1916. Few examples have survived and they are avidly sought after by Steiff and Golli collectors. Other companies to produce Golliwoggs were Chad Valley, Dean's Rag Doll, and the Alliance Toy Company of England.

The fifth anniversary edition for RJW Collector Club members were the delightful GolliBaby twins! Each GolliBaby was constructed of fine 100% wool felt with a molded face, handpainted features, and mohair wig. Fully jointed, they each measure approximately 5" long with bent baby limbs complete with individual fingers and toes!

The Gollibaby boy wears a diaper with an appliqué plaid pattern, a felt hat, and a dribble bib. He comes with a stuffed toy ball made of pieced felt. The girl GolliBaby wears a felt diaper with applied felt dots and rows of felt ruffles in the back. She also has a felt dribble bib and a large felt bonnet which ties under the chin. Included is her stuffed felt duck toy with glass eyes.

The adorable Gollibabies were made in a numbered edition limited to orders received during the fifth Club year (2000-2001). There were 320 sets produced. Each came enclosed in a custom-made presentation box with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

The Gollibabies offered here are Artist Proof set number four (AP4) out of five made and come directly from the R. John Wright Archives in pristine as-new condition. 

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