Curious George AP #1

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H A. Rey (1898-1977) occupied much of his twenties and thirties selling bathtubs up and down the Amazon River! This continued until he met and married his future creative collaborator, Margaret. Together they embarked on an artistic career which produced, among other things, the immortal character of Curious George®.
The first book in the series was published in 1941 and featured a simple storyline and charming illustrations by Margaret and H. A. Rey. In the book, George's innate curiosity led him to be captured by a nice man in a yellow hat who wanted to take him home from Africa to the zoo.

Other volumes soon followed featuring the mischievous monkey¹s adventures onboard ship and in the big city where the man in the yellow hat lived. The Curious George® books eventually comprised one of the most popular series of children's stories ever written. They have been printed in more than a dozen languages. As a result, Curious George® has endeared himself to millions of children and adults all over the world.

In 2002, R. John Wright added Curious George® to its collection of beloved characters from classic children's literature. Faithfully based on the original illustrations by H. A. Rey and standing approximately 10" tall, this adorable little monkey is fully jointed and constructed of custom-woven alpaca plush with a molded felt face, inset glass eyes and hand-painted features. His arms are wired for posability, and his felt hands and feet have individual fingers and toes! George comes complete with a hand sewn wool felt "Yellow Hat" complete with an authentically detailed leather hatband.

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