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PETER PAN, or THE BOY WHO WOULDN'T GROW UP (1904) is the title of Scottish playwright and novelist James M. Barrie's most famous play, and PETER & WENDY is the title of Barrie's 1911 novelization of it. Both tell the fanciful story of Peter Pan, a mischievous little boy who refuses to grow up. Did we mention that he can also fly?! Late one evening Peter steals into the London nursery of Wendy Darling and her younger brothers, John and Michael, and spirits them away to exciting adventures on the island of Neverland.


Item: Nana - Peter Pan Series

Description: The first piece in the Peter Pan Collection, Nana is made of the finest wool and alpaca plush and sits approximately 9 1/2 inches tall. Realistically detailed, she has a molded face with delicate airbrushed markings, glass pupil eyes, and inset whiskers. Her neck features a ball & socket joint for expressive posing. Nana's limbs include paw pads and individually-applied nails made of molded, treated felt. Atop her head she wears her dainty nurse's cap made of fine Swiss lace.

Released: 2018 Limited Edition 250 pieces.

Item: Tinker Bell - Peter Pan Series

Description:  Tinker Bell is the third offering in the R. John Wright Peter Pan series. She measures a diminutive 3" seated.  All wool felt, ball and socket joints at shoulders and neck.  Hand painted features, mohair wig.  Her costume is made of custom dyed English bobbinet lace and silk chiffon adorned with Swarovski crystals.  The hand painted wings are constructed of silk organza.

Released: 2020 Limited edition 250


Item Name: Michael Darling - Peter Pan Series

Description:  11 inches tall. 5-way jointed with ball & socket joints. Molded face with hand painted features and mohair wig.

Costumed in period cotton diaper and "Dr. Denton" footsie pajamas sewn of cotton jersey with mother-of-pearl buttons and a drop seat. Holds a flannel blanket with scalloped felt edging and  classic teddy bear. The bear is a detailed miniature - fully jointed and made of distressed mohair with felt paw pads, glass eyes and hand-embroidered features.

Released: 2020 - produced in a numbered limited edition of just 250 pieces 


Item: Wendy Darling - Peter Pan Series

Description: Made of the finest all-wool felt. Stands approximately 15 inches tall.   Five-way jointed with ball & socket joints. Hand painted . Mohair wig.

Cotton batiste nightgown trimmed with Swiss lace and pin tucks. Genuine pearl buttons and tiny buttonholes allow the nightgown to be removed. Underclothes of cotton batiste. She carries a miniature hand woven reed sewing basket with an attached cotton lining. The sewing basket is filled with sewing notions. Included are tiny needles and wooden spools of thread, scissors, and a pincushion.    As with all RJW accessories, the basket and notions were made in our workshop here in Vermont.

Released: 2020

Item:  John Darling - Peter Pan Series 

Description: Made of the finest all-wool felt. Stands approximately 15 inches tall.   Five-way jointed with ball & socket joints. Hand painted . Mohair wig.

 The finest pima cotton was used for John's striped pajamas which are trimmed with a tiny felt edge and feature workable buttonholes with pearl buttons. He wears hand made felt slippers with leather soles. His impressive top hat is made of black felt and lined with silk charmeuse. It is beautifully finished with grosgrain ribbon edging the brim. A cotton twill sweat band, tiny cord bow and printed RJW haberdashery logo give the interior that authentic top hat flair!

Item: Peter Pan - Peter Pan Series


 Peter Pan makes his entrance into the Darling children's nursery after being away in Neverland. This cocky youth stands 17.5" tall, and is fully jointed including knees and elbows. He is clothed in , wool felt, hand dyed cotton osnaburg. and embroidered leaf fabric skillfully airbrushed. His face is hand painted. The facial sculpt features a mischievous grin displaying all his baby teeth, (which we are told won Mrs. Darlings heart).

Released: 2024

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