Cinderella & Prince Charming - Once Upon A Time

CINDERELLA and Prince Charming were the souvenir doll and companion at the R. John Wright 2018 Convention "Once Upon A Time". 

Cinderella is constructed of the finest all wool felt with sculptural hands sewn with individual fingers. She measures 9" tall and is fully jointed with ball & socket joints. Her molded face is  hand painted and her wig is blond mohair, elegantly styled. Cinderella's gown is made of the finest pure silk. Her exquisite 18th century costume is authentically styled in the Rococo period with an underskirt and a fitted bodice trimmed with silk bows. On her feet, Cinderella wears a pair of fitted 'glass' slippers custom made for her out of clear resin. A regal tiara with inset crystals tops her dazzling ensemble.

Cinderella's escort for the evening is the handsome Prince Charming. He is similarly constructed of all-wool felt and measures 10" tall. Outfitted in the finest 18th century men's fashion, he wears a velveteen suit trimmed in gilt braid and lined with pure silk. Lace trim and intricate pearl buttons provide elegant details. On his feet, the Prince wears silk slippers with dashing red heels. Atop his head, a coronet crown proclaims him as 'heir-apparent.'

Cinderella and Prince Charming are made in Bennington, Vermont in a limited edition of only 100 pieces each. They come enclosed in a deluxe presentation box with the accompanying certificate of authenticity.


CINDERELLA, or THE LITTLE GLASS SLIPPER, was written by French author Charles Perrault (1628-1703). In works derived from pre-existing folktales, he laid the foundations for an entirely new literary genre: the Fairy Tale. "Cinderella" is one of his best-known and most enduring works.