Adair and Jasper Sets

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"Adair" and "Jasper" are two ghostly children designed to inhabit The Haunted Mansion at the RJW 2019 convention

Each child is forlornly pale with artistically hand painted faces and white mohair wigs.  They both have five way ball and socket jointing for expressive posing.

"Adair" is 71/2" tall and wears a cotton gauze distressed nightgown with organdy trim.  She is accompanied by her beloved, tattered teddy bear "Ash". Made in the R. John Wright studio of distressed wool plush, fully jointed, with glass eyes and measures 2 1/2".

Little brother, "Jasper" is dressed in faded blue striped cotton knit pajamas and is 6 1/2" tall. He plays with an aged wooden pull toy truck produced in the RJW studios.

Limited to 100 ea. 

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