Advice from a Catepillar

Name: Advice from a Caterpillar

Description: Felt and silk caterpillar on felt-covered papier mache mushroom smoking a handcarved hookah pipe gilded 22-carat gold leaf with attached felt hose. 11 3/4" all-felt Alice, fully jointed with hand painted features and hand-knotted mohair wig. Victorian costume of silk & cotton batiste with leather slippers. Mounted on a felt-covered molded papier mache base measuring approximately 23" in diameter. Overall height: approximately 24". Auctioned by Theriault's to benefit the CAAF charity [Children Affected by AIDS Foundation], this piece realized the highest bid of $41,000 - a world record for an R. John Wright creation.

Date of Release: 2006

Edition Notes: One-of-a-Kind.