M.I. Hummel

We are proud to present a series of dolls based faithfully on the immortal art of Sister Maria Innocentia who was born Berta Hummel in 1909 in Bavaria, Germany. As a child Berta showed creative talent, and in 1927 she enrolled in the prestigious Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, where her talent and skills developed further.
After graduation in 1931, Berta chose to follow a religious calling and applied to enter the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Siessen.
The newly ordained nun was assigned to teach art in a nearby school run by the convent. She spent her spare time painting charming and distinctive pictures of children. The Sisters sent copies these images to a publishing house in Stuttgart which decided to release the works in postcard form.
Soon afterward, Franz Goebel, the head of a porcelain company bearing his name, happened to see some of these postcards in a shop in Munich. He gained permission to transform the charming drawings into figurines. A decade later, the figurines would begin to enjoy great success worldwide.
Seventy years after the introduction of the first Hummel products, collectors now have the opportunity to acquire faithful dolls of Sister Maria Innocentia's designs interpreted for the first time in the felt medium.

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