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Scarlett & Rhett are both of fine mohair plush with hand embroidered features, resin hands and feet, glass eyes, inset whiskers, and a leather tail. Each is exquisitely costumed using custom-made miniature fabrics and accessories. Scarlett is dressed in the memorable gown she wore to the barbecue at Twelve Oaks where she encounters Rhett Butler for the first time. Her dress is made of fine silk organza custom-printed in the distinctive green sprigged pattern. The bodice features a ruffle interwoven with tiny silk ribbon and a felt stomacher surrounds her waist. Atop her head Scarlett wears the fetching straw bonnet tied at the chin with a green felt bow.

Rhett is outfitted in a dapper double-breasted vest and grey flannel trousers. His tailored cutaway topcoat, silk ascot, and dashing felt hat complete his period ensemble. Measuring approximately 3" tall, each mouse has a built-in metal stand for effortless display.


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