Production Photos from 2012

Production Photos from 2012

The following photos were taken during production of Brownie Policeman.

Each face is artfully hand painted in several steps

The helmets are sewn of felt and broadcloth

After construction, each hat is trimmed with leather

The felt chevron stripes are precisely topstitched on

The back of the coat is ironed before attaching

The Policeman's topcoat is sewn together

Just one of the many ironing steps along the way

A wood block is used to shape the helmets

The hat is blocked with a hot iron

The custom-made brass helmet decorations

The leather strap is added to the wooden billy club

A group of completed helmets and billy clubs

The brass buckles are added to the leather belts

Tiny brass buttons are sewn on with a curved needle

A tray of Policemen await their helmets

Completed Policemen ready for boxing

The Brownie Policemen await their turn

Each doll is beautifully packaged with matching certificate

The following photos were taken during production of the Zinnia Fairy™.

Each face is artfully hand painted in several steps


The tiny fingers are turned inside out

The fairy skirt is sewn of felt petals

A tray of skirts in process

The silk underwear is sewn

The wig is styled of the finest mohair

Ironing the silk organza fairy wings

Each wing is artistically airbrushed

Constructing the tiny yellow flowers

Literally thousands of felt flowers are needed

Weaving the flowers into a fairy crown

The garland is positioned in place

The felt zinnia petals are molded

A section of petals is removed from the mold

A tray of molded and un-molded petals

A felt leaf is removed from the metal mold

After molding, the parts are airbrushed

Constructing the center of the zinnia flower

The petals are added to the center

The felt stem is slid over the heavy wire

The felt zinnia flowers near completion

Each wood base is covered with felt

Beautiful zinnia flowers!

Completed Zinnia fairies await their bases

Each fairy is carefully arranged on its base

Completed dolls ready for packaging

Each doll is beautifully boxed with matching certificate

The Zinnia Fairies await their new owners!

The following photos were taken during production of the Queen of Hearts.

Felt strips are sewn as part of the Queen's bustle

The elaborately-pieced bustles are finished

The skirt medallions are airbrushed before printing

The completed appliques are precisely arranged

A tray of molded right arms

Each of the molded left arms is carefully finished

After jointing to the bodies, the arms are sewn by hand

Each molded face is trimmed for assembly

A tray of heads await construction

Each face is artistically painted in several stages

Yak hair is used for the Queen's wig

The earrings are fashioned of gilded wood

The wooden handle of the heart fan is sanded

The fan handles are painted gold

Felt-covered hearts are affixed to the handles

The Queen's crown is made of stiffened, printed felt

The gable is constructed of felt and crinoline

The crown and headdress are positioned in place

Heads with authentic gable, lappets, and crown

The felt shoe parts are prepped for forming

The front is formed on the metal last

The back of the shoe is similarly formed

Front and back are connected to the liner

Shoe uppers receive their leather soles

Completed Queens are ready for packaging

Each Queen of Hearts is bursting with fury!

The following photos were taken during production of items for AROUND THE WORLD - 2012 RJW Convention

A rack full of completed "Gerdas"

The felt tulips are artistically airbrushed

Each leaf receives its airbrushed stripes

The wire stems are covered with felt

The felt leaves are attached

A table of partially completed felt tulips

The materials for the African Ndebele Dolls Workshop

The materials for the Ethnic Felt Pincushion workshop

A tray full of "Bon Voyage" heads in process

Painting "Bon Voyage" - the 2012 Souvenir Doll

The hand painting is done in several stages

The mohair is sewn in strips for wigging

The wood insert is positioned inside the torso

The back of the torso is positioned in place

A tray of molded torsos

Bon Voyage's fingers are individually stuffed by hand

A tray of molded legs

Handmade felt flowers for her bouquet

The "Flower Shop" at R. John Wright Dolls

Styling Bon Voyage's mohair wig

The felt bow is applied to the hair

Airbrushing the felt socks

Airbrushing Bon Voyage's felt dress

Completed convention dolls await boxing

The following photos were taken during production of Patsy®

Patsy's head has a buckram foundation and a wooden interior

The felt 'skin' is applied to the buckram foundation

During construction extra attention is given to the ears

Patsy's face is carefully hand painted

Trays of painted and unpainted heads

The wood joint mechanism is inserted into the torso

The torsos receive their final molding

Each finger is hand stuffed with kapok

A tray of molded arms

A tray of molded legs

The dresses are sewn of fine dotted Swiss and cotton piqué

Snaps are applied to the leather shoe uppers

The hairline is marked for the wig placement

Patsy's hand-knotted mohair wig is styled

The 'fairycloth' cotton teddy is put on

The pure silk ribbons are sewn to the bonnet by hand

The bonnet is positioned in place

A group of Patsy's  ready to meet their new owners!

The following photos were taken during production of the Toddler Bears

The buckram foundations are inserted inside the bear's head

The fur is bonded to the buckram

The claws are inserted into the paws

Making the wooden arm discs

The paw pads are stitched by hand

The back is sewn up prior to stuffing

A tray of partially completed bears

Colette's arms are attached

A tray of jointed Colettes

The felt stripes are formed in a curve for Colette's hat

The stripes are topstitched to the brim

The piqué crown is gathered to attach to the brim

Working on Benjamin and Colette

Benjamin gets his sailor suit

The bow is fastened in place

A tray of completed Colettes await boxing

Accounts Manager, Amy, checks ship list

Colettes await their turn!

Each bear is beautifully packaged with a numbered certificate

The following photos were taken during production of the GONDOLIER and CONTADINA.

"The Gondolier's" natural straw hat is sewn together

The blocked hats get their silk ribbons

The tiny striped shirts are sewn

The miniature wooden oars are made by hand

Each mouse has a felt moustache!

The I.D. tag is sewn to each Gondolier

After molding, the mice are cleaned and ironed

The resin arms and legs are inserted

The pleated Val lace is sewn to the skirts

Tiny silk bows are attached to the skirts

Contadina is literally sewn into her costume

Dressed mice await their accessories

Tiny cording is added to the hat brims

Contadina's hat is positioned over one ear

Her delightful red slippers are the finishing touch

A tray of Contadinas await boxing

The following photos were taken during production of the Toddler Bears

"Flora's" pinafore is carefully embroidered

Hand embroidered touches are added

The skirts are readied for gathering

Delicate Val lace is sewn to the shoulder ruffles

Each bear is jointed together

The arms are attached to the torso

Trays of arms and assembled bears

The dainty pinafores made of fine Italian organdy

The bears are being dressed

Flora receives her final touches before boxing

Simon is carefully molded in the hydraulic press

After molding, the seams are brushed

The bears are skillfully airbrushed

Simons awaiting their arms

The detailed paws receive their finishing touches

Simon's shorts are sewn

The shirts are carefully tailored

Detailed ironing is required at several stages

A group of dressed Simon's await boxing!

The following photos were taken during production of Ginger.

"Ginger's" face foundation is molded of buckram fabric

Hand embroidered mice await further finishing

The mice are artistically airbrushed

Each glass eye is painted to the desired shade

The mini ric-rac trim is  sewn to the aprons

The holly berries are handsewn French knots

Tiny custom-made buttons are sewn to the apron straps

The pinafore aprons are put onto the mice

Trays of dressed and undressed mice

Ginger receives her delicate whiskers as a final touch

The first molding of the felt Gingerbread Men

Trays of molded Gingerbread Men

The molded front is sewn to the back

Stuffed Gingerbread Men!

The cookies receive their final molding

A tray of cookies ready for airbrushing

The Gingerbread Men are skillfully airbrushed

Gingerbread Men await their final 'sugar' dusting

The cookies are decorated with faux sugar crystals

The finished felt cookies look good enough to eat!

At last Ginger and her friend are boxed together!

The following photos were taken during production of Willoughby - the 2012 Christmas Bear

Luxurious custom-made Schulte mohair fabric is prepared for cutting

The cut and bonded pieces are sewn together

Willoughby's head is skillfully sewn

After sewing, the parts must be turned inside out

It's time for Willoughby to be jointed together

The bears are stuffed with 100% cotton stuffing

The stuffing holes are sewn closed by hand

Willoughby's nose and mouth are skillfully embroidered

Delicate airbrushed shading is applied

Each eye is covered with custom-made leather

The eyes are precisely positioned and inserted

The bear claws are embroidered by hand

Wool felt is sewn to the center of the velvet ribbon

The bow is tied with Willoughby's brass hawk bell

he bears are boxed for the Holidays!

The following photos were taken during production of The Japanese Children - from the Around the World series: Meiko, Akira, and Midori

A tray of pre-molded heads await stuffing and further finishing

Special attention is given to the ears

Meiko's play suit is skillfully sewn

The shirt is prepared for the layette

Hand embroidery on Midori's kimono sleeves

Tiny felt blossoms are added to the design

The authentic silk kimono is sewn together

The body of Midori's kimono is also skillfully embroidered

The wood parts for the Japanese sandals are handmade

After printing, the cloth kite parts are hand cut

Akira receives his completed fish kite

The wigs are styled and the dolls are dressed

Midori's authentic kimono sash is carefully arranged

The wood & leather toy rattle is added to Meiko's hand

A tray of completed Japanese babies

lined up and ready for boxing

Midori is carefully placed in her presentation box

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