Production Photos from 2011

Production Photos from 2011

 The following photos were taken during production of items for  CELEBRATIONS! - the 2011 R. John Wright Convention.

The Peep & Posey eggs are molded in the custom press

The complex process for lining the eggs with colored felt

The pristine airbrushed molded felt egg shells

The ribbon is applied to the eggs

Daughter Lillian works on the felt egg boxes

The egg halves are carefully fitted together

Completed egg boxes with applied felt flowers

Assembling the delicate silk and felt roses for the Rose Fairy

Several stages are required for each rose

The rose petals are artistically curled

The roses are fitted and arranged on their bases

A group of completed Rose Fairy bases

The Rose Fairy is carefully arranged on her base

The Rose Fairies are lined up for final inspection

Mary Frances' cape is sewn of felt, silk, and alpaca plush

After sewing, the silk lining is carefully ironed

Mary Frances gets ready for the Victorian Dinner event

A tray of dressed dolls await their bonnets and muffs

Production begins on the Scootles souvenir doll heads

An RJW associate hand paints the Scootle faces

A group of heads await airbrushing

Construction of the molded felt torsos

The limbs and head are attached to the torsos

A group of fully jointed dolls

Each doll is artistically airbrushed

Celebration Scootles awaits costuming

The souvenir dolls pause to smell the flowers!

The hand-dyed organdy party dresses being sewn

Tiny silk ribbons and bows are applied

The trim is applied to the party hats

A group of dolls in their matching organdy panties

Daughter Emily helps to dress the dolls

The completed dolls await their shoes

Dolls with applied wrist corsages

Buttons are added to the Scootle boys' hats

The hats are made of fine cotton and silk velveteen

The leather baby shoes are skillfully formed

Each shoe receives its final polishing

The Celebration Scootle boys are costumed

A group of happy little Scootle boys await boxing

Each doll is carefully packaged

A Celebration Scootle boy ready to meet his new owner

The following photos were taken during production of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz™ series.

Dorothy's portrait face is molded out of all-wool felt

The body parts (legs shown here) are sewn together

The felt is wrapped around molded buckram torsos

After covering with felt, the torsos are molded again

The legs receive their airbrushed coloration

The hands are carefully finished using a mini ironing tool

Dorothy's eyes are artistically hand painted

The mouth is painted in several stages completely by hand

Styling the hand-knotted wigs of custom-dyed mohair

A tray of completed Dorothy heads

The mini-sequin fabric for the Ruby Slippers is sewn to leather

Each heel foundation is molded of a composition material

The metal shoe lasts and ingredients for Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

After sewing, the shoe uppers are prepared for forming

The slippers are formed and the heels applied

The leather sole is neatly positioned in place

A tray of completed Ruby Slippers!

The many pieces of Dorothy's dress are precisely cut

Dorothy's ruffled slip is sewn

After sewing, the seams are ironed flat

The blouse is sewn of Italian organdy with miniature ric-rac trim

The buttons are sewn onto the completed dresses

A group of Dorothy's await their new owners!

The following photos were taken during production of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz™ series.

Each head is constructed of a single piece of felt

The face is meticulously hand painted in several stages

Hand painted heads lined up on a production tray

The fine mohair wig is hand styled

"Mickey" spots the Witch's broom on the light table

The custom-turned hardwood broom handles

Each decorative stripe is carefully painted on

The broom straw is cleaned and sorted

The fibers are lined up and grouped

The broom straw is sewn together on the machine

The straw groups receive their airbrushed coloration

Leather lattice work and custom pewter rings

Completed brooms

The individual fingers are stuffed and wired

The molded hands receive their final detailed finishing

Hands await application of the tiny fingernails!

The Witch's fingernails are applied to each fingertip

Each fingernail is individually hand painted

The Witch's manicure continues!

The hand receives its final airbrushed coloration

The Witch's slip is sewn of fine black cotton batiste

One of several ironing steps for the Witch's dress

The panels are inserted on the Wicked Witch's waistcoat

The waistcoat receives  its metal eyelets

The Witch doesn't like being laced up!

The Witch's pocketbook is sewn together

A special wooden tool is inserted to facilitate ironing

The purse's decorative dangles are handsewn

The purse is attached during dressing

The Witch's hat is sewn of cotton and crinoline

The hat brims are ironed smooth

Each hat has millinery wire inserted in the brim

The top of the hat is assembled to the bottom

After final blocking, the fine silk veil is attached

The shoe uppers are sewn on the industrial machine

The shoe upper is put on the metal last for forming

The Witch's shoes are skillfully formed

A group of finished Wicked Witch shoes

A coven of witch's await shipping

The following photos were taken during production of Sugar- the 2011 Christmas Mouse.

Sugar's nose and mouth are hand-embroidered

The resin hands and feet are wired and inserted

Each RJW mouse has a fine leather tail!

The finished mice await dressing

The sewn felt gumdrops are stuffed with cotton

After stuffing, the ends are gathered and closed

Each gumdrop is molded in a heated metal mold

After molding, the gumdrops are airbrushed

Each gumdrop receives its faux-sugar coating

Tiny strips of felt are braided for the hat

Each hat tassle is hand sewn together

The tassels are attached to each corner of the hat

The completed hats and mice lined up together

Putting the hats on the mice

Finally, each mouse receives her Christmas treat!

The finished mice undergo final inspection

Preparing for boxing

Each mouse is carefully packaged for shipment

The following photos were taken during production of Little Jack Horner from the Mother Goose Mice series.

Little Jack Horner's silk suit is precisely sewn

Silk ruffles are added to the outfit

Details are flattened with a heated mini-ironing tool

The felt piecrust is hand gathered

Crust is added to the top of each pie

The pies are lightly 'browned' with an airbrush

A group of mouse-sized pies - cooked and un-cooked!

The tip of each leather tail is sharpened

Little Jack's felt hat is molded

The hats are delicately shaded with yellow ochre

The hand-dyed marabou hat feathers drying out

Each feather is curled into shape

Custom-dyed silk ribbon is added to each hat

Silk bows decorate the tiny hats

The gay feather plume is attached

Incredibly tiny shank buttons are sewn to the outfit

Dressing begins on Little Jack Horner

Dressing continues with the addition of the trousers

Each mouse receives its numbered edition tag

The mice are carefully accessorized

Ready to be packaged for shipment!

The following photos were taken during production of Baby Grace - From the Victorian Children series.

Baby Grace's silk and felt bonnet is precisely sewn

Wooden ball joints are inserted in each leg

After molding, each limb is cleaned and finished

A tray of wigged and painted Baby Grace heads

The molded arms are attached to the torsos

The coat sleeves are turned inside out

Each bonnet is gathered in the back by hand

Materials for the Victorian wood push sleigh

Various parts of the complex sleigh production

The braces for the bottom of the sleigh are rounded

The contours of each brace are sanded

The sides of the sleigh are precisely cut

The curved dashboards of Baby Grace's winter pram

The felt cushion for the sleigh seat is sewn

Each cushion is filled and sewn closed by hand

The sleigh blanket is sewn of cotton plaid and alpaca plush

The shoes are skillfully formed of custom-made leather

Each shoe receives its tiny leather sole and heel

Baby Grace is carefully dressed for winter 

Don't forget your red leather shoes!

Baby Grace looks cosy in her handsome sleigh


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