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An important new series from R. John Wright Dolls premiered in 2004: THE RAGGEDY ANN™ COLLECTION. This exciting All-American series was based faithfully on the immortal artwork of Raggedy Ann creator, Johnny Gruelle in his enormously popular series of Raggedy Ann books which began publication in 1918 with Raggedy Ann Stories.

The series premiered with a large size Raggedy Ann and Andy which measured 17" tall. There were also a few small cabinet-size dolls made which proved to be very popular with collectors. Among these a classic miniature set of Raggedy Ann & Andy boxed together titled "Forever Friends" available as an exclusive from RJW retailer The Toy Shoppe. Another small-size Raggedy Ann doll was made specially for "The Magical Hour" - a ticketed event held at the 2004 UFDC convention in Kansas City. The Raggedy Ann Bed™ (shown in the photo above) was offered as a separate accessory.

Measuring approximately 6" wide by 10" long, Raggedy Ann's Bed is handmade out of painted wood based closely on the original book illustrations by Johnny Gruelle. It features cannonball bedposts, hardwood slats, a stuffed mattress and pillow with lace-trimmed pillowcase, and cotton flannel sheets. The comforter is made of felt elaborately appliqued and embroidered in a delightful patchwork design. True in every respect to the original Gruelle images, this is the most authentic Raggedy Ann Bed ever produced. It makes a perfect accessory to the small-size RJW Raggedy dolls or any doll or bear measuring approximately 6-8 inches tall.

Raggedy Ann's Bed™ was produced in a worldwide limited edition of only 250 pieces. Each came enclosed in a custom presentation box with Gruelle artwork on the lid, a descriptive booklet, a numbered certificate of authenticity, and the forms for owner registration.

This particular Raggedy Ann's Bed™ is a standard production piece and comes directly from the R. John Wright Archives in pristine as-new condition. 

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