Hugs Around the World

Name: Hugs Around the World

Description: Hugs Around the World is a one-of-a-kind creation made especially for the American Teddy Bear Relief Auction to benefit victims of the Southeast Asian Tsunami Disaster.
This piece consists of three fully-jointed 23" bears made of mohair with glass eyes and embroidered features. They are made in various shades to reflect the diverse world population and their design is based on the classic image of the Teddy Bear. The bears are posed around a handmade globe of the Earth made entirely of felt with applied continents, raised mountains, and hand painted detail. These items are mounted on a felt-covered wooden base measuring 30" square.

The auction was held at the Doll & Teddy Bear Expo, Washington, DC on August 19, 2005, where Hugs Around the World realized $25,000 - the top bid of the event. All proceeds were donated to the KALI FOUNDATION to benefit victims of the Southeast Asia Tsunami Disaster. Hugs Around the World is now on permanent display at the Korean Teddy Bear Museum.

Date of Release: 2005.

Edition Notes: One-of-a-Kind.