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In 1909, Rose O'Neill, the inventor of the Kewpie® characters, introduced her delightful sprites in drawings and verse which appeared in leading women's periodicals of the day. The babies of Rose O'Neill's imagination were enormously popular and soon became paper dolls, then bisque figurines, dolls, and endless related "Kewpie" merchandise.

In 1914 a black Kewpie was introduced and dubbed the "Hottentot." The name was based on the real-life Khoikhio tribe in southern Africa. When European immigrants colonized the area in the late 1600s they labeled the natives "Hottentots" in imitation of the sound of the Khoekhoe language. Today, this term is considered derogatory  but in Rose O'Neill's time it was viewed as humorously exotic.

The delightful Hottentot is the only 6" size undressed Kewpie in the R. John Wright Kewpie collection. Fully jointed for increased expressiveness, Hottentot is made of fine dark brown all-wool felt with hand painted features. On his chest, the trademark red and gold paper shield reads "Kewpie RJW" and on the shoulders, the tiny blue wings identify this as an authentic Rose O'Neill Kewpie character.

The Hottentot Kewpie® was made in 2001 in a small edition of 250 pieces. Each came nestled in silk inside a deluxe custom-made hinged presentation case embellished in gold leaf with the Rose O'Neill Kewpie logo. Included is the numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

The Hottentot Kewpie®  only two out of  five Artist Proofs remaining comes directly from R. John Wright Archives in pristine as-new condition. 

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