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  R. John Wright is re-visting  the world of  Raggedy Ann in a charmingly accessible size.  This new series features an 11"  Marcella  with her accompanying  Raggedy Ann.  Raggedy Andy and the  Raggedy Animals. All available as a matching set.  

Edition Notes:  Marcella in Standard edition is sold out.   Only available in Artist Proof 6 piece set.

Item: "Marcella & Raggedy Ann Miniature Series - Set

Set includes: Marcella, Raggedy Ann & Andy, plus the Raggedy Animals - Sunny Bunny, Little Brown Bear, & Eddie Elephant as a matched number set. 


 "Marcella" is 11" tall, made of  all wool felt and is five way ball and socket jointed. Her features are artfully hand painted.  Curly mohair wig is topped by a charming felt cloche hat.  Her dress is custom designed and printed "fairy cloth" batiste and organdy trimmed with silk ribbons. She wears Swiss cotton batiste slip and  underwear trimmed with French lace.  Cotton knee stockings and white leatherette shoes with metal buckles. 

 "Raggedy Ann & Andy" measure 4" tall and are  made of hand printed cotton poplin.  Their arms and legs are lightly weighted to give them just the right amount of floppiness. They are then stuffed with pure natural kapok.

"Raggedy Ann" dress of cotton batiste  hand dyed  with cotton apron and pantaloons.  The wig is custom dyed wool yarn, imported glass eyes .

"Raggedy Andy"   dressed in cotton pants with a custom printed poplin shirt.   Silk tie and cotton poplin hat. His wig is custom dyed wool yarn, imported black glass eyes 

"Little Brown Bear"  made of wool/mohair fabric, and stuffed with kapok. He measures a mere 3 1/2" and is five way jointed.  Clothed in custom printed and dyed cotton shirt and pants, felt spats and leather soles . Hat is molded of pieced wool felt. His features are airbrushed with  hand embroidered nose and mouth, imported glass eyes.

"Sunny Bunny"  made of wool/mohair fabric, and stuffed with kapok. Standing 3 1/2" he is five way jointed.  All wool felt suit with spats and leather soles.  Top hat is of molded felt with felt accents.  Imported black glass eyes. 

"Eddie Elephant"  made of grey wool felt , stuffed with kapok, he is 3" tall and five way jointed.  Custom printed cotton poplin onesie romper with matching hat.  imported glass eyes, hand embroidered  smile, blush coloration 

There are production picture for Marcella and Raggedy Ann


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