Father Christmas Mice Series - 4 piece set AP #1

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All the mice in The Father Christmas Mouse Series are 3 1/2" tall and jointed at the neck and shoulders. Made of mohair plush with felt details and resin hands and feet. With embroidered features, German glass eyes, hand sewn whiskers,  mohair beards and leather tails.

Name: St. Nicholas

Description:  Wool plush costume w/gilt trim, bishop's mitre, silk shoes, holds wood & brass crozier.

Date of Release: 2016

Name: Kris Kringle

Description:  Felt and wool plush costume, felt shoes, holds sisal fiber tree and velveteen sack.

Date of Release: 2017

Name: Father Christmas

Description: Outfitted in a long greatcoat and matching hat made of  felt trimmed in wool plush. Leather boots and belt with brass buckle, holds  wooden staff. Miniature pack basket  handwoven at the R. John Wright workshop out of natural ash splints.

Date of Release: 2018

Name: Santa Claus

Description: This traditional Santa comes dressed in red felt suit and hat, trimmed with wool plush. Black boots and belt with brass buckle.  Canvas sack contains hand made wood toys, all produced in the R. John Wright Studio.

Date of Release: 2019


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