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R. John Wright Dolls presented 2006 the classic Commedia dell'arte fable of Columbine, Pierrot, and Harlequin.  Columbine was produced as a special event piece. True to the Commedia dell'arte storyline, Columbine's two handsome suitors - are now both competing for her affections: gentle Pierrot and haughty Harlequin.

Standing approximately 14" tall, Pierrot fully jointed and made entirely of the finest all-wool felt incorporating realistic sculptural torsos and limbs and compelling molded character faces with exquisitely hand painted features.

Pierrot is costumed in a classic pure silk outfit with covered felt buttons. On his head is a felt skullcap and a wide brim hat topped by a felt feather. Black cotton stockings and hand-cobbled shoes made of fine white leather complete his period ensemble. Around his neck Pierrot holds a beautifully detailed custom-made wooden mandola with which to serenade his beloved Columbine.

Edition Notes: Limited Edition: 250. The Commedia del'arte Collection. This doll was a companion doll for the 2006 Modern Doll Convention, Las Vegas, NV.

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