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Now that the Fall season has passed and Winter is officially started with the winter solstice, we would like to present "Heinzel Fall".  Our little gnome is made entirely of felt and is ball and socket jointed at neck and shoulders. He is dressed in a  cozy felt yellow  jacket and patched brown pants. Sturdy felt slippers will protect his feet. His bald pate is kept warm with a midnight blue felt hat.  He carries a hand woven ash splint basket to carry the nuts that Mrs. Squirrel is sharing from her harvest.

Mrs. Squirrel measures 6" is made of a wool mohair blend, with a bushy 100% mohair tail. She has a ball jointed head which allows her to cock her molded  head in a charming way. She is also jointed at the shoulders.  Her hands and feet are of molded felt. Black glass eyes, artistic airbrushing and twitchy horse hair whiskers give that final inquisitive look. She comes with her canvas sack of felt nuts.

"Heinzel-Four Seasons" is  limited to only 100 pieces each worldwide.  Matching edition numbers  are offered subject to availability.  Each Heinzel comes enclosed in a deluxe presentation box. The interior is lined with the corresponding Ida Bohatta scene for the season. Each comes with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

Available directly from R. John Wright Dolls, Inc. and  all R. John authorized dealers

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