Production Photos from 2015

Production Photos from 2015

The following photos were taken during production of Tulip: Springtime Bunny

Tulip's flowers are handmade entirely out of felt

Each tulip is molded, constructed, and delicately airbrushed

After stuffing, each rabbit is carefully trimmed

Each bunny requires extensive hand work

Here the whiskers are skillfully added

Artistic airbrushing brings the bunnies to life

A small group of Tulip bunnies in process

The shipping area is soon filled with rabbits!

Each Tulip bunny is carefully packaged

The bunnies are headed out to celebrate spring!

The following photos were taken during during production of  the Fairy Tale Mice

Mouse heads under construction

Red Riding Hood's tiny basket is hand woven

Each mouse receives her costume details

The hood is tacked in place

A tray of dressed mice await final inspection

Tom Thumb's peasant shoes being sewn

Each tiny shoe is turned inside out

The lacing is threaded through each shoe

Tom's wooden sword is handcrafted

A tray of completed Tom Thumb mice

Each Tom Thumb receives its own wood sword

Gretel's costume is sewn together

A group of Hansel's on a production tray

Various aspects of the Gretel production


Cinderella's lovely silk ballgown is sewn

Several ironing steps are required

This tube wrap helps to tame the drape of the costume

A tray of Cinderellas approach completion

Cinderella's tiny slippers are embellished with crystals

Each mouse receives her crystal tiara

A group of Cinderella mice ready for boxing

Aladdin receives his whiskers

Each mouse is costumed in stages

A tray of molded felt fez's

Each fez is decorated with a tiny felt accent

A tiny metallic tassel is added to each hat

Each shoe is hand trimmed after being sewn

The toes are curled on Aladdin's shoes!

The completed fez's are positioned over one ear

At last, each mouse receives its own magic lamp!

A group of Aladdin's await numbering

The tip is added to the Little Mermaid's tail

Each mouse receives her decorative headpiece of tiny pearls

Pleated fabric is added to the mermaid tail

The mermaid tails are positioned in place

Silver cording and pearls are added at the waistline

Delicate crystal stones are applied to the mermaid costume

A group of Little Mermaid's resting on dry dock

The following photos were taken during during production of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz™ Collection

Various Tin Man items on a design room table

A felt lower leg gets its joint mechanism

Molded felt torsos and legs

The elbow socket joint is put in place

Decorative rivets are applied to each glove

Hand procedures to the top of the Tin Man's suit

Many detailed assembly steps are required

A tray with some completed 'tin' torsos

The metal rivets are individually attached

Various sections of the Tin Man's elaborate buckram costume

A worker focuses on the arm sections of the suit

The leg sections are carefully assembled

A tray of completed arm sections

The rim of the Tin Man's hat is rolled

A group of completed funnel hats

The Tin Man's unique shoes are hand cobbled

The sole is attached to the bottom of the shoe

The face is formed of felt with a buckram foundation

Molding occurs in the hydraulic press

In the foreground: a tray of preliminary felt heads

A first application of gesso is applied

The heads are repeatedly sanded between coats

A coat of silver paint is applied

Several decorative rivets are positioned on each head

The mouth painting begins

Each feature is precisely hand painted

The Tin Man's face comes to life!

A tray of completed Tin Man heads


Work begins on the Tin Man's wooden axe

A group of rough-cut axe parts

The parts are carefully cut into preliminary sections

Each handle is carefully sanded

A pile of assembled axes await finishing

The parts are first painted with an undercoat

The Tin Man's axes receive their final finish

The tin suits go over the cotton underwear

The Tin Man's suit receives its detailed rust coloration

The heads are attached - He's alive!

Finished dolls are carefully packaged

The Tin Man officially joins the RJW collection

The following photos were taken during production of Digby: 2015 Christmas Bear

Digby's arms are turned and the claws inserted

Hand sculpting the paws with the electric trimmers

The tiny paw pads get their airbrushed detail

The molded paw pads are positioned in place

Hand-stitching the feet

Hand brushing the seams after preliminary sewing

The tiny felt flowers of Digby's poinsettia are sewn


A tray of wired poinsettia petals in process

Each petal receives its molded details

A poinsettia leaf receives its vivid coloring

Many assembly steps are required to make the all-felt poinsettias

The lovely Christmas flower begins to take shape!

A view of the RJW 'Florists' at work

Each flower is carefully hand assembled

A group of completed poinsettias

A tray of Digby's await final inspection

Each bear is beautifully boxed with certificate

The following photos were taken during production of Celestial Musician® - Hummel Collection

The star motif is embossed on the tunics

Starch is applied only to the areas where stars will be

This photo shows the embossing process

The tunic is  artistically airbrused with several colors

Dressing begins on the doll bodies

An angel wing is molded in the pneumatic press

The wings during the first molding process

A tray of molded all-felt angel wings

Following sewing, the wings are turned rightside out

A wing is hand-stuffed with kapok

A tray of beautifully painted angel wings

Sanding occurs on the Hummel violins

Various aspects of the violin production

Each violin is carefully hand painted in several stages

Work on the violin bow is also happening

Real horsehair is used on the tiny bows

The violin accessories are made entirely at the RJW workshop

A tray of completed wood violins

Each violin and bow is beautifully crafted

The felt bags are shown in the background

Each bag is artistically airbrushed

Dolls await accessorizing and finishing

A chorus of musicians playing fills the air!

The dolls practice playing for their new owners

Each Celestial Musician is beautifully boxed with certificate

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