Production Photos from 2010

Production Photos from 2010

The following photos were taken during production of the The Brownie Sailor

The Sailor's face is skillfully hand painted

Felt loops and rope are added to the life preserver accessory

The life preserver is sewn together by hand

The costume is sewn closed by hand

The tiny brass buckle is positioned in place

The leather shoes are put on with needle nose pliers

A group of Sailors await packaging

Everything comes together in the shipping room

The Brownie Sailors are set to sail the seas!

The following photos were taken during production of Little Tommy Tittlemouse.

The mouse is skillfully airbrushed

The tiny jacket is carefully ironed.

The grosgrain ribbon hatbands are put in place

The first step airbrushing the felt fish

Further detailed airbrushing using various colors

The tiny glass eyes are inserted in the fish

A miniature fish hook and cork bobber are included

Dressing begins on Tommy Tittlemouse

The trousers are pulled in place

The delicate whiskers are sewn in late in production

Adjusting the straw hats 'just so'

A jar of fishing poles with fish

The pole is the finishing touch

The Little Tommy Tittlemouse are carefully boxed


The following photos were taken during production of the Pine Tree Fairy™.

Each piece of the pine cone hat is molded in custom molds

After molding, the pieces are artfully airbrushed

The hats are constructed on a felt foundation

The pine cone hat is skillfully constructed

Applying the felt pieces in sequence one-by-one

The tiny molded felt pieces of the pine cone are airbrushed

Beginning construction of the all-felt pine cone

The realistic felt pine cones near completion

A special tool twists the pine needles into the wire stem

Further delicate airbrush coloration to the assembled pine cone

The Pine Tree Fairy's™ shoes are formed on a metal last

Tiny onyx beads are hand sewn onto the felt tunic

The silk organza wings are artistically airbrushed

The delicate fairy wings are attached

The Pine Tree Fairy's™ are carefully boxed for shipment

The following photos were taken during the initial production of Peter Cottontail.

Peter Cottontails lie sewn, pre-molded and ready for stuffing

After stuffing, the holes are carefully hand closed

The seams are smoothed using a mini ironing tool

The skilled airbrush artists apply the delicate coloration

The glass eyes are inserted into the felt eye sockets

The metal stand is inserted into the legs

Individually stuffing the mohair pussy willows

The plush pussy willows are attached to the felt branches

The completed pussy willows are artistically airbrushed

 Bunches of felt pussy willows and violets

The paper mache eggs are covered with colored paper

The ribbon is tied onto the paper covered egg

Spring Delivery chicks join the Easter party!

Final touches prior to boxing

Peter Cottontail is ready to spread his Easter cheer!

The following photos were taken during production of The Café Bears.

Each piece of alpaca is individually die cut to preserve the pile

After cutting, the parts are sewn together

The detailed felt paw pads are carefully sewn in place

The head is molded over the metal form

The resin claws are inserted into the paws

The paws are carefully hand stitched with heavy thread

The face is precisely shaved and contoured

The bear parts are jointed together using a custom machine

The face is artistically airbrushed

Detailed coloration is applied to the felt nose

The completed bears are lined up for final inspection

The Café Bears are packed for shipment

Café Espresso in his deluxe presentation box

The following photos were taken during production of the Red Clover Fairy™.

In the sewing department, the Red Clover Fairy dresses are made

The dresses are made of custom-dyed bonded silk fabric

In the finishing department, the dresses receive detailed ironing

The completed dresses are lined up for dressing

Some clothing is put on the dolls at an early stage

 The all-felt clover blossoms are carefully constructed by hand

The jar holds completed felt clover while the parts are displayed in front

The Red Clover Fairy gets her mohair wig

The Red Clover Fairies are lined up on trays awaiting their clovers!

The following photos were taken during production of items for Storyland - the 2010 R. John Wright Convention.

The Little Maid, Pretty Maids get ready to be dressed

The tiny silk slip is put on each mouse

The miniature clothing is carefully arranged in place

The tiny mob cap is stitched by hand using a curved needle

The peasant shoes for the Alice in Wonderland Gardeners are finished

The faces of the Gardeners are individually hand painted

Several painting steps are required to achieve the desired effect

An RJW associate assembles the Alice in Wonderland Rose Trees

Each rose and leave is artistically airbrushed

All-felt red and white roses and a group of Flower Fairy clover

The Gardeners are lined up for final inspection

The Gardeners await their all-felt playing cards

The silk fabric of the Margaret dresses is woven with silk ribbon

This custom fabric will be used on the convention souvenir doll

The following photos were taken during production of The Raindrops on Roses Event Pieces.

Assembling the felt Raindrops on Roses napkin rings

The napkin rings are made in four different colors

The coral colored roses await finishing

Sewing the dresses for "Marta" - the event souvenir doll

Detailed ironing is an important part of finishing

Several painting steps are required to achieve the desired effect on the clothing

The molded apron is carefully painted

After painting, the felt apron parts are sewn together

Each eyelash is meticulously hand painted

Another RJW artisan skillfully paints the mouth

The mohair wig is carefully positioned and secured

The "quiff" is styled in place

In the shoemaking department, the felt and leather clogs are formed and assembled

The finished dolls await dressing

The completed rose napkin rings with crystal raindrops applied

The Raindrops on Roses napkin rings are boxed for the event

At last the dolls are ready to be dressed

The Marta dolls awaiting their felt scarfs

Final finishing touches prior to boxing

Completed dolls lined up on trays awaiting packaging

Although handmade, each doll is very consistent within the edition

Three little sisters ready to travel to Chicago!

The following photos were taken during production of the Heather Fairy™.

The Heather Fairy's costume is sewn of custom-dyed cotton gauze

The delicate wings are made of fine silk organza

Styling the hand-knotted mohair wig

Sewing the costumes by hand after dressing

Dressed dolls are lined up alongside the molded felt torsos

Several painting steps are required to achieve the desired effect on the fairy wings

The fairies have their wings attached ready for flight

Making the tiny heather blossoms out of felt

Each individual blossom is meticulously hand colored

The stems are artistically wrapped together

The completed felt heather looks almost real!

A trio of Heather Fairies alight on the shipping table

The fairies are put inside their presentation boxes

Soon each fairy will have a new home

The Heather Fairy™ becomes part of RJW history

The following photos were taken during production of the Hazel-nut Fairy™.

The Hazel-nut Fairy's™ distinctive hat is blocked and artistically painted

After wigging, the hat is carefully positioned on the head

Each leaf is individually cut, wired, molded, and hand painted

Molded leaves alongside those that have been painted

A closer look at the realistically detailed felt leaves

The felt hazel-nuts are gathered and blocked using a wooden form

The felt nuts are backed with leaves made of bonded silk & organdy

The catkins are made of mohair plush and hand painted

A group of catkins alongside a prototype base

The stems and leaves of the hazel-nuts are assembled

A work table with finished dolls alongside various hazel-nut parts

A group of hazel-nut wood bases have the bottom felt applied

The fairies glance through branches at the world

The Hazel-nut Fairies™ line up for final inspection

Each is carefully placed inside its presentation box

he Hazel-nut Fairies™ - boxed and ready to ship!

The following photos were taken during production of the Canadian Brownie.

The Canadian's felt mukluk trousers are sewn together

The mocassin soles are gathered and attached

The tiny arms and hands are precision sewn

Each hand is carefully turned inside out

he felt strips are woven by hand into the coat collar

Finishing work is done on the pieced felt sashes

he tassles are constructed and sewn onto the felt hats

Separate tiny felt mittens are turned inside out

A curved needle is used to close the toboggan coat

The pieced felt sash is sewn in place

The tiny handmade felt buttons are positioned on the coat

A group of dolls get their final painted blush

The wool mittens are put onto the hands

The hats are carefully positioned

A work table with a group of finished dolls

Boxing begins for the Canadian Brownies

The Brownies await their new owners!

The following photos were taken during production of Max & Mortiz.

Max's  molded felt character face is meticulously hand painted

The jointed felt bodies grouped inside a large willow work basket

completed Moritz heads await jointing to the bodies

After sewing, the leather shoe upper is formed on a metal last

The formed upper is removed and ready for trimming

The custom-made metal cleats await attachment to the wooden soles

The various ingredients which make up Moritz's authentic clogs

The miniature clogs are based exactly on antique full-sized originals

The plaid pattern for Moritz's trousers is precisely sewn

A fully-lined jacket is prepared for turning rightside-out

A group of dolls get their heads attached

Fitting the shoes is the final aspect of the dressing process

The dolls' outfits are carefully airbrushed for added realism

Final touch-up on Max's mohair wig

The dolls are posed standing prior to boxing

The rascally duo get ready to spread mischief!

Max & Moritz - together forever

The following photos were taken during production of the Lavender Fairy™.

he Lavender Fairy's costume is sewn of felt and silk crepe

After sewing, the dress is carefully colored and shaded

The tiny parts of the lavender flowers are precision cut and sewn

Each piece is carefully airbrushed with custom-mixed shades

The lavender flower parts resemble a Japanese meal!

Finished dresses alongside trays of doll parts

The protected handpainted doll heads with applied mohair wigs

The lovely wings are made of hand painted silk organza

Each tiny lavender bud is sewn and turned out of silk and felt

The lavender stalk is artistically assembled by hand

The felt covered wood bases are adorned with leaves

At last, the felt and organdy butterflies are positioned

Tiny felt lavender flowers are attached to the waistline

The fairies are joined with their decorated bases

 Each fairy is carefully placed inside its presentation box

Lavender Fairies await the journey to their new owners!

Gale Burnor(L) receives a present from fellow RJW associate Bonnie Pfeiffer(R)!

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