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The R. John Wright Flower Fairy series made its debut at a special ticketed dinner event held during the first R. John Wright convention in 2009. The Sweet Pea Baby Fairy was first of the Flower Fairies and was closely followed by her older sister The Sweet Pea Fairy.

The Flower Fairies marked a major departure in the construction of R. John Wright dolls. In order to closely evoke the various poses of the Flower Fairy characters, a completely new jointing system was devised. Each fairy has a hollow sculptural torso with an internal wood mechanism to connect the limbs and head. The ball & socket joints provided a far greater degree of movement then the former rotating disc method. In addition to the jointing improvement, the scale of the fairies called for new limb molds in varied and expressive poses and incredibly tiny individually sewn and turned fingers.

The Sweet Pea Baby Fairy, is similarly constructed and measures just 8" tall standing. She is costumed per the original illustrations in a custom-dyed silk baby dress with matching bloomers. On her head she wears a delightful felt sweet pea bonnet and she also holds a detailed, realistic sweet pea blossom made of felt.

The Sweet Pea Baby Fairy was made in an edition of just 150 pieces and comes enclosed in a deluxe RJW Flower Fairy presentation box with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

The online purchase price includes shipping and insurance in the domestic United States. For overseas shipping rates, please contact the RJW office. You may also place your order request via phone at 1-802-447-7072. All orders are subject to availability.

There are more production photos of Sweet Pea Baby Fairy.

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