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An adorable little boy named "Summer" is from the "Four Seasons" series of cabinet-size toddler dolls dressed in vintage-style children's clothing.

Summer is made of the finest all-wool felt and measures a diminutive 7 1/2 inches tall. He is fully jointed with the RJW ball & socket system with internal wood mechanism. Summer's molded felt torso and limbs are sculpturally defined and his tiny expressive hands have individually-sewn fingers. His molded felt face is delicately hand painted and the blonde wig is made of the finest mohair.

Summer is outfitted in a vintage-style 2-piece play suit made of fine cotton broadcloth trimmed with blue wool felt with genuine mother-of-pearl buttons. On his head he wears a white cotton sun hat and on his feet, hand-cobbled red leather sandals with miniature custom-made buckles.

In one hand Summer holds an authentic replica of a classic "Playmates of the Clouds" Hi-Flier kite. The HI-FLIER KITE COMPANY, based in Decatur, Illinois, led the market for paper kites mid-century. This detailed miniature is constructed just like a full-size original with a wooden frame and a cotton rag tail.

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