Space Man

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In the 1950’s the idea of space exploration was exciting, especially to adventuresome little boys.  Our little  “Space Man”, 6 1/2" tall, is fully equipped for his trip to the moon and beyond. He is well protected by a spacesuit made of heat resistant cotton backed silver fabric.  His sturdy acrylic helmet sits firmly upon his shoulders and is stabilized by a “D” ring buckle strap attached to his space suit. The strap can be unbuckled so that the helmet can be removed.  Communication is possible with the antenna on the top of his helmet.  In addition he will be able to walk the surface of any planet with his hand made boots.  His hands are also protected by fabric backed vinyl gloves.  The final necessary accessory is a hand crafted ray gun, made from wood and hand painted in silver, gold, and red. All clothing and accessories were designed and produced in the R. John Wright workshop.

The doll itself, as with all R. John Wright dolls, is made entirely of molded felt, and wooden ball jointed. He is hand painted and his wig is 100% custom mohair.  He comes with a certificate of authenticity and his back tag is hand signed by R. John Wright. The doll comes beautifully packaged in a custom made RJW box. Limited edition 100pcs. 

"Space Man" was commissioned by United Federation of Doll Clubs for the R. John Wright Out of This World event at their 2020 “Fabulous Fifties" online celebration.  He is also available through the UFDC online store.

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