Queen of Hearts

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We are pleased to present The Queen of Hearts the newest additon to the ALICE IN WONDERLAND COLLECTION. Authentically based on Sir John Tenniel's classic illustrations, The Queen of Hearts stands a formidable 20" tall. Jointed at the neck and shoulders and constructed of the finest all wool felt, she has a unique molded character head with intaglio eyes, a deeply detailed open mouth, and hand painted features. A wig made of yak hair frames her face and her expressive sculptural felt hands include individual sewn and molded fingers.

The Queen of Heart's historically researched Tudor-era costume consists of a regal felt and organdy robe and bustle emblazoned with a printed and pieced geometric design in heraldic hues. She wears lace-trimmed pantaloons, stockings, and hand-cobbled period slippers on her feet. The authentic gable headress includes lappets and a crown made of buckram and starched felt. Exactly as shown in the classic illustrations, drop-shape earrings dangle from each molded ear. In one hand The Queen holds her heart-shaped fan constructed of wood and felt.

The Queen of Hearts is produced in a limited edition of just 250 pieces worldwide and will come enclosed in a deluxe RJW presentation box along with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. Subject to availability, matching edition numbers will be provided to other characters in the R. John Wright Alice in Wonderland collection. Don't miss out on this very unique and limited item!

The Queen of Hearts is also available through all RJW Authorized Dealers.

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