Mr. McGregor's Garden

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Beatrix Potter was a lover of nature as much as she was an artist. As a child, her first artistic attempts were realistic portrayals of animals and natural life around her. Her classic watercolors were deeply rooted in years of observation of the natural world. For R. John Wright Dolls, the creation of characters from Potter's diminutive books was also an opportunity to create realistic plant life using the medium of felt. The first attempt in 2001 resulted in the Beatrix Potter Garden Wheelbarrow filled with vegetables made of felt. This was followed in 2002 with the head of lettuce which The Flopsy Bunnies lay sleeping around.

Designed as a display piece for the RJW Beatrix Potter animals, Mr. McGregor's Garden includes a molded and hand painted hollow felt base with holes in which various felt and organdy vegetables are growing. The vegetables (some of which are removable!) include: lettuce; carrots; turnips; radishes; and onions. An authentic wood garden planting tool called a 'dibble' is topped by a delightful Beatrix Potter robin. The plump little bird is made of mohair plush with delicate coloration, a felt beak and feet, and glass eyes. The height of the entire piece is approximately 15 inches.

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