Kris Kringle Mouse

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 "Kris Kringle" - the second in a series of Father Christmas figures re-imagined as mice!

Standing 3 1/2" tall and jointed at the neck and shoulders, Kris Kringle is made of the finest mohair plush with felt details and resin hands and feet. Like all RJW mice, he has embroidered features, German glass eyes, hand sewn whiskers, and a leather tail. He also features a long mohair beard!

Kris Kringle is outfitted in a long felt coat with a matching hat trimmed in fine wool plush. The coat is fastened with toggles featuring tiny brass buttons. On his feet he wears peasant-style felt tie shoes. Kris Kringle holds a Christmas tree entirely handcrafted at the R. John Wright studio out of natural sisal fiber and topped with a gold star. Over one shoulder he holds his traditional sack made of fine cotton velveteen.

Kris Kringle is produced in Bennington, Vermont in a worldwide limited edition of 250 numbered pieces. Each comes enclosed in a fine RJW presentation box with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

Webster's Dictionary traces "Kris Kringle" back to the German "Kristkindl" meaning "Christ Child" and indicates that the first documented use in English was 1830. The term Kris Kringle entered the English language through the immigration of Pennsylvania Dutch settlers. It soon became synonymous with Santa Claus. For example, the Santa figure in the classic film Miracle on 34th Street is referred to as "Kris Kringle."


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