Jemima Puddleduck & Ducklings

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Beatrix Potter™ love of Hill Top Farm shines through in The Tale of Jemima Puddle-duck which was first published in 1908. The blend of fantasy and reality, so often found in Beatrix Potter? work, gives a ring of truth to her enchanting imaginary world. In her charming illustrations, she included many real-life characters and settings. Jemima herself was a real duck who lived at Hill Top Farm. She is a most popular character in the Beatrix Potter catalogue: self-important, naïve, but very endearing.

Jemima Puddle-duck was introduced in the year 2000 and was the second issue in the highly-acclaimed R. John Wright Beatrix Potter Collection. She is made of the finest custom-woven alpaca plush and all-wool felt and features a jointed neck, moveable wings and imported glass pupil eyes. She is every bit the lady ready for a spring afternoon walk with her authentically-detailed poke bonnet made of felt and cotton and her paisley patterned cotton shawl with hand knotted fringe.

Jemima's Ducklings were released the following year and are similarly constructed of alpaca plush and all-wool felt. Each duckling measures approximately 5" tall. True to the tale, only four of Jemima's eggs hatched and included with the grouping is an all-felt duck egg!

The most definitive version of these characters ever made, Jemima Puddle-duck & her Ducklings come enclosed in two deluxe RJW presentation boxes with an illustrated booklet, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and the forms for owner registration. 

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