Gardener Two

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We are pleased to present the Queen's gardeners - whimsical additions to our ALICE IN WONDERLAND COLLECTION based on the immortal books by Lewis Carroll illustrated by Sir John Tenniel. Painting the Roses Red is a multi-piece tableau consisting of the Queen of Heart's gardeners, "Five," "Seven," and "Two" painting the roses on the Queen's large rose tree.

Gardener "Two" is made of the finest all-wool felt and jointed at the neck and shoulders. He has a distinctive molded felt character face with hand painted features, a mohair wig, and tiny sculptural hands. Measuring 9" tall, the gardener has heavy wire inside his legs to enable him to be self-standing. Gardener "Two" comes wearing a traditional Medieval felt costume consisting of tunic with a leather belt and a tiny custom-made brass buckle, integral felt 'tights', a felt hood, and peasant slippers. He wears a pair of playing cards made entirely out of pressed felt. Patterned exactly after antique Victorian-era English playing cards, the initials "RJW" are incorporated into the decorative artwork on the card backs. The gardener's wonderfully detailed accessories include a custom-made tiny wood paint brush and miniature pail of paint!

Gardener "Two" is produced in a small edition of 100 pieces. Each comes enclosed in a deluxe wooden cylinder presentation box along with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

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