Charlie Chaplin™ in 'A Dog's Life'

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To mark this year's 100th anniversary of the release of the film, ‘A Dog’s Life’, we are proud to introduce Charlie Chaplin - brought to life for the first time in the medium of molded felt! Faithfully based on the beloved "Little Tramp" character in the 1918 silent film, Charlie stands 17 inches tall and is fully jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles, with the RJW wooden ball & socket jointing system. He has a realistic molded felt torso and limbs and hands with individually sewn fingers. The molded felt character face has been finely modeled in a true likeness with delicate hand painted features, and the wig is styled of the finest imported mohair.
Extensively researched for the utmost in authenticity, Chaplin's iconic "Little Tramp" costume includes one-piece period underwear, a short-sleeved muslin shirt and a detailed waistcoat made out of distinctive plaid fabric. The oversized trousers are made of custom-dyed corded twill fabric and are held up with detailed suspenders w/leather tabs. The fully-lined coat is tailored of fine worsted wool with working pockets. The entire costume has been artistically distressed and aged with frayed edges, stains and tears. Charlie's trademark bowler hat is made of all-wool felt and his hand-cobbled leather boots include patches and custom-made miniature shoelaces. No detail has been overlooked to bring this legendary film character vividly to life.
Charlie Chaplin - A Dog's Life is produced in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

Charlie Chaplin™ ©Bubbles Incorporated SA 2018 - All Rights Reserved.

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