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The R. John Wright "Baby Bear Collection" is an exciting series premiered in 1999 and consisted of five original RJW cubs: Panda; Brown Bear; Black Bear; Polar Bear; and Koala. Each cub measured 12" tall and was fully jointed for playful posing. Extensively researched, the RJW Baby Bears have true-to-life details such as felt paw pads, inserted resin claws, realistic coloring and glass eyes. Each cub holds an edible which is indigenous to their species handcrafted out of wool felt. The bears are stuffed with 100% natural cotton and kapok and weighted with pellets to give a wonderful weighted feeling when held.

The final piece in the Baby Bear Collection was strictly-speaking not really a bear. But "Joey" (the traditional name for newborn Koalas) is certainly the most "teddy bear-like" of all animals. Constructed of soft grey alpaca plush, Joey was developed with realistic details including unique paws with separate fingers, a molded leather nose, and glass pupil eyes. Joey is the only R. John Wright Koala ever made. In one paw, Joey clasps a sprig of eucalyptus skillfully fashioned of felt.

Produced in an edition of 500, each baby Koala arrived in its own hand-cut presentation box with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, a descriptive booklet, and the forms for owner registration.

Joey is available only from the RJW COMPANY STORE. This particular piece is number two of only five Artist Proofs made and comes directly from the R. John Wright archives in pristine as-new condition.

The online purchase price includes shipping and insurance in the domestic United States. For overseas shipping rates, please contact the RJW office. You may also place your order request via phone at 1-802-447-7072. All orders are subject to availability.

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