Holiday #1 Artist Proofs

We are pleased to present an all new selection of Holiday- themed Artist Proofs #1
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These number one artist proofs have been stored in our climate controlled vault since their creation and have never been out of their presentation boxes.  In addition to being AP #1's,the pieces being offered have been out of production for many years - in some cases decades! They are in pristine as-new condition and as such, are the ultimate R. John Wright collectible.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire these rare items for your collection.  Do not delay! Our affordable payment plan is available to help make one of these treasures yours.

About Artist Proofs: 

In addition to the regular production, exactly five (5) "Artist Proofs" are assigned for every edition. Artist Proofs do not differ from standard production pieces, but are hand-picked and marked on the certificate and tag as "Artist Proof." The designation AP/1 through AP/5 is often used.The Artist Proof #1 has always been retained for the permanent archives.  Until now...