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CURRENT EDITIONS These are items which are in production or currently in stock:

Shirley Temple Charlie Chaplin & Scraps Hop Wobble Plunk

Scarlett Rhett Mammy Melanie Hamilton Ashley Wilkes

Bonnie Blue Butler Le Petit Prince Dorothy Wicked Witch Winged Monkey

Scarecrow Tin Man Cowardly Lion Bride of Frankenstein Frankenstein

Hansel & Gretel The Little Mermaid Aladdin Cinderella Tom Thumb

Brownie Cowboy Woburn Abbey Tucker Celestial Musician Angel Serenade

Holly Kris Kringle St. Nicholas Glass Display Dome Mouse House

Teddy & Me

OUT OF PRODUCTION ITEMS These are items which are out of production permanently.
Do not delay! They are available only while existing limited stock remains in our inventory:

Captain Corey Bonzo Alice Wizard of Oz Dorothy

Scarecrow Tin Man Cowardly Lion Little Prince Wicked Witch

Nikko Glinda Jack & Jill Mother Goose Mice Springtime Lambs

Summer Mouse Willoughby Woodruff Edith Tasha Tudor

Hummel Skier Hazel-nut Fairy Zinnia Fairy Children of Japan Autumn Leaves

Raggedy Andy Gerda Brownie Canadian Jockey Irishman Brownie

Queen of Hearts Alice Series Alice

ARCHIVAL ITEMS These are specific, select items which are currently in the R. John Wright Archives. These include extremely low edition numbers, un-numbered samples, and rare Artist Proofs.

ABOUT ARTIST PROOFS In addition to the regular production, exactly five (5) "Artist Proofs" are assigned for every edition. Artist Proofs do not differ from standard production pieces, but are hand-picked and marked on the certificate and tag as "Artist Proof." The designation AP/1 through AP/5 is often used. One Artist Proof is always retained for the permanent archives, so only four are ever made available. Due to their rarity, they are highly sought after by collectors.

William Becky William & Elizabeth Bedtime Hunny Pot Pooh w/Banner

Piglet with Violets Pocket Piglet Pocket Eeyore Pocket Tigger Party Eeyore

Christopher Robin & Pooh Pocket Series Holiday Pooh Joey Koala Mississippi Bear Hunt

Gollibabies Golliwoggs Bonnet Kewpies Hottentot Kewpie Kewpie

Klassic Kewpie Flit Kewpie Crocus Kewpie Poppy Kewpie Jemima Puddle-duck

Garden Wheelbarrow Camel with the Wrinkled Knees Raggedy Ann Bed Raggedy Andy Curious George

Celestial Musician The Three Bears Nippy Fiona George & Martha

Rough Rider Bears-At-Sea Bears-At-Sea Bears-At-Sea Bears-At-Sea

Little Red Riding Hood Willoughby Woodruff Marmalade Digby

Mace Brownie Trumpet Brownie Indian Brownie Sailor Brownie Scotchman Brownie

Policeman Brownie Jockey Brownie Englishman Brownie Kate Greenaway Lillian

Sweet Pea Baby Fairy Pine Tree Fairy Lavender Fairy Red Clover Fairy Primrose Fairy

Alice in Wonderland Painting the Roses Red Mad Hatter Little Miss Muffet Little Jack Horner

Little Maid, Pretty Maid Little Bo-peep Summer Mice Deck the Hall April Showers

Four Seasons Four Seasons Benjamin Toddler Bear Colette Toddler Bear Simon

Isabelle Flora Ivy walter Christopher

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AUTOGRAPH SERVICE: Every item ordered through the RJW Company Store will be personally autographed by R. John Wright. The signature may be found on the numbered edition tag featured on most items.

FREE SHIPPING: Your order will be expertly packed and shipped at no charge via UPS for orders with shipping addresses within the Continental United States. Worldwide service is also available upon request. Please call the RJW office for overseas rates.

FREE NUMBERING SERVICE: If you have already begun collecting dolls in a series, we will be happy to match your edition number if available at no extra charge. If this is your first purchase in a series, we will notify you if and when subsequent pieces are released so that you can have the option to acquire the same edition number. Secondary market prices have shown that matched-number collections are worth considerably more than random-numbered collections.

FREE GIFT: Your order with the RJW Company Store will include a complimentary R. John Wright Gift Certificate which may be applied towards your next purchase from the RJW Company Store! The certificate must be mailed to the RJW office or presented in person to be applied.

RETURN POLICY: Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, your order may be returned for a full refund in the form of a store credit within 30 days of purchase.