We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST from the WIZARD OF OZ Series.

(Photo above) The view outside the front of the RJW Headquarters

(Photo above) The RJW buildings against the October skyline

(Photo above) Each head is constructed of a single piece of felt

(Photo above) The face is meticulously hand painted in several stages

(Photo above) Hand painted heads lined up on a production tray

(Photo above) The fine mohair wig is hand styled

(Photo above) "Mickey" spots the Witch's broom on the light table

(Photo above) The custom-turned hardwood broom handles

(Photo above) Each decorative stripe is carefully painted on

(Photo above) The broom straw is cleaned and sorted

(Photo above) The fibers are lined up and grouped

(Photo above) The broom straw is sewn together on the machine

(Photo above) The straw groups receive their airbrushed coloration

(Photo above) Leather lattice work and custom pewter rings

(Photo above) Completed brooms

(Photo above) The individual fingers are stuffed and wired

(Photo above) The molded hands receive their final detailed finishing

(Photo above) Hands await application of the tiny fingernails!

(Photo above) The Witch's fingernails are applied to each fingertip

(Photo above) Each fingernail is individually hand painted

(Photo above) The Witch's manicure continues!

(Photo above) The hand receives its final airbrushed coloration

(Photo above) The Witch's slip is sewn of fine black cotton batiste

(Photo above) One of several ironing steps for the Witch's dress

(Photo above) The panels are inserted on the Wicked Witch's waistcoat

(Photo above) The waistcoat receives its metal eyelets

(Photo above) The Witch doesn't like being laced up!

(Photo above) The Witch's pocketbook is sewn together

(Photo above) A special wooden tool is inserted to facillitate ironing

(Photo above) The purse's decorative dangles are handsewn

(Photo above) The purse is attached during dressing

(Photo above) The Witch's hat is sewn of cotton and crinoline

(Photo above) The hat brims are ironed smooth

(Photo above) Each hat has millinery wire inserted in the brim

(Photo above) The top of the hat is assembled to the bottom

(Photo above) After final blocking, the fine silk veil is attached

(Photo above) The shoe uppers are sewn on the industrial machine

(Photo above) The shoe upper is put on the metal last for forming

(Photo above) The Witch's shoes are skillfully formed

(Photo above) A group of finished Wicked Witch shoes

(Photo above) A coven of witch's await shipping

(Photo above) The view out back is spectacular!

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