We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the WILLOUGHBY - the 2012 Christmas Bear.

(Photo above) Luxurious custom-made Schulte mohair fabric is prepared for cutting

(Photo above) The cut and bonded pieces are sewn together

(Photo above) Willoughby's head is skillfully sewn

(Photo above) After sewing, the parts must be turned inside out

(Photo above) It's time for Willoughby to be jointed together

(Photo above) The bears are stuffed with 100% cotton stuffing

(Photo above) The stuffing holes are sewn closed by hand

(Photo above) Willoughby's nose and mouth are skillfully embroidered

(Photo above) Delicate airbrushed shading is applied

(Photo above) Each eye is covered with custom-made leather

(Photo above) The eyes are precisely positioned and inserted

(Photo above) The bear claws are embroidered by hand

(Photo above) Wool felt is sewn to the center of the velvet ribbon

(Photo above) The bow is tied with Willoughby's brass hawk bell

(Photo above) The bears are boxed for the Holidays!

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