We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the TODDLER BEARS.

(Photo above) "Flora's" pinafore is carefully embroidered

(Photo above) Hand embroidered touches are added

(Photo above) The skirts are readied for gathering

(Photo above) Delicate Val lace is sewn to the shoulder ruffles

(Photo above) Each bear is jointed together

(Photo above) The arms are attached to the torso

(Photo above) Trays of arms and assembled bears

(Photo above) The dainty pinafores made of fine Italian organdy

(Photo above) The bears are being dressed

(Photo above) Flora receives her final touches before boxing

(Photo above) Simon is carefully molded in the hydraulic press

(Photo above) After molding, the seams are brushed

(Photo above) The bears are skillfully airbrushed

(Photo above) Simons awaiting their arms

(Photo above) The detailed paws receive their finishing touches

(Photo above) Simon's shorts are sewn

(Photo above) The shirts are carefully tailored

(Photo above) Detailed ironing is required at several stages

(Photo above) A group of dressed Simon's await boxing!

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