We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the TODDLER BEARS.

(Photo above) The buckram foundations are inserted inside the bear's head

(Photo above) The fur is bonded to the buckram

(Photo above) The claws are inserted into the paws

(Photo above) Making the wooden arm discs

(Photo above) The paw pads are stitched by hand

(Photo above) The back is sewn up prior to stuffing

(Photo above) A tray of partially completed bears

(Photo above) Colette's arms are attached

(Photo above) A tray of jointed Colettes

(Photo above) The felt stripes are formed in a curve for Colette's hat

(Photo above) The stripes are topstitched to the brim

(Photo above) The piqué crown is gathered to attach to the brim

(Photo above) Working on Benjamin and Colette

(Photo above) Benjamin gets his sailor suit

(Photo above) The bow is fastened in place

(Photo above) A tray of completed Colettes await boxing

(Photo above) Accounts Manager, Amy, checks ship list

(Photo above) Colettes await their turn!

(Photo above) Each bear is beautifully packaged with a numbered certificate

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