We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of Ida & Tom - The Summer Mice from the MOUSE SEASONS Collection:

(Photo above) The felt daisy petals are molded in the custom press

(Photo above) Construction begins on the realistic all-felt daisies

(Photo above) Felt is wrapped to create the daisy centers

(Photo above) The centers are added to the daisy petals

(Photo above) Slightly different procedures are used to create the buds

(Photo above) Hundreds of daisies take over the RJW workshop!

(Photo above) A lovely bouquet of handmade felt flowers

(Photo above) Here the mouse feet and hands are wired

(Photo above) Ida receives her airbrushed coloration

(Photo above) Each mouse is carefully dressed

(Photo above) Ida is situated on her wooden swing

(Photo above) The bright yellow buttercup blossoms are individually molded

(Photo above) The flowers are arranged with the felt leaves

(Photo above) Pretty clusters of all-felt buttercups

(Photo above) A view of the RJW Flower Shoppe

(Photo above) The flowers are added to the bases

(Photo above) Each item is carefully positioned

(Photo above) The daisy is bent in place to hold the swing

(Photo above) The ropes of Ida's swing are tied to the stem

(Photo above) A completed group ready for final inspection

(Photo above) Tom gets his airbrushed coloration

(Photo above) Tom is dressed in his checkered jacket

(Photo above) A tray of Tom mice in process

(Photo above) The tiny buttons are sewn to Tom's felt beanie

(Photo above) Ida peers through a field of flowers

(Photo above) RJW associate, Emily, boxes the Summer Mice

(Photo above) Each piece is carefully packed for safe travel

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