We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of SUGAR - The 2011 Christmas Mouse.

(Photo above) Sugar's nose and mouth are hand-embroidered

(Photo above) The resin hands and feet are wired and inserted

(Photo above) Each RJW mouse has a fine leather tail!

(Photo above) The finished mice await dressing

(Photo above) The sewn felt gumdrops are stuffed with cotton

(Photo above) After stuffing, the ends are gathered and closed

(Photo above) Each gumdrop is molded in a heated metal mold

(Photo above) After molding, the gumdrops are airbrushed

(Photo above) Each gumdrop receives its faux-sugar coating

(Photo above) Tiny strips of felt are braided for the hat

(Photo above) Each hat tassle is hand sewn together

(Photo above) The tassles are attached to each corner of the hat

(Photo above) The completed hats and mice lined up together

(Photo above) Putting the hats on the mice

(Photo above) Finally, each mouse receives her Christmas treat!

(Photo above) The finished mice undergo final inspection

(Photo above) Preparing for boxing

(Photo above) Each mouse is carefully packaged for shipment

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