We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of Flossie & Blackie from the Springtime Friends series:

(Photo above) Fine Schulte plush wool fabric from Germany is cut out

(Photo above) The complex pattern for Flossie is sewn together

(Photo above) At the same time, Blackie is also being sewn

(Photo above) The face foundations are made of molded buckram

(Photo above) The bottoms of the legs are prepared for hooves

(Photo above) After the face is molded, the opening is closed by hand

(Photo above) Wood inserts are put into each leg

(Photo above) Here Flossie is molded in the custom-metal molds

(Photo above) Molding gives form and consistency to each lamb

(Photo above) Each hoof is molded from felt and buckram

(Photo above) The felt hooves are attached to the bottom of the legs

(Photo above) The realistic felt nose is applied to the face

(Photo above) Each lamb is artistically airbrushed

(Photo above) Blackie's rustic tin bells are formed

(Photo above) Flossie's daisies are handmade completely out of felt

(Photo above) RJW associate, Angela, has an armfull!

(Photo above) Each lamb is carefully packaged w/certificate.

(Photo above) Flossie gets ready to meet her new owner!

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