We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of the Brownie Scotchman:

(Photo above) The Scotchman's plaid felt begins to be mapped out

(Photo above) A combination of sewing and airbrushing creates the plaid pattern

(Photo above) Perle cotton twist and thread are sewn to the felt

(Photo above) The finished fabric is wired and pleated for the kilt

(Photo above) The Scotchman's Balmoral cap is constructed

(Photo above) A pile of coats await ironing and finishing

(Photo above) The leather belts have their custom brass buckles added

(Photo above) The Scotchman's shoes are made of custom leather dyed blue

(Photo above) A tray of preliminary un-stuffed dolls

(Photo above) The faces are carefully hand painted in several stages

(Photo above) Each fur sporran requires hand-inserted mohair tufts

(Photo above) Custom brass parts are added to create the sporran

(Photo above) The decorative rosettes are first sewn and gathered

(Photo above) The all-felt rosettes are assembled

(Photo above) The completed rosettes are added to the sashes

(Photo above) The tiny felt hat feathers are artistically hand colored

(Photo above) The feathers are added to the Scotchman's cap

(Photo above) Tiny brass buttons are sewn to the clothing

(Photo above) The leather belt is positioned in place and buckled

(Photo above) The gold-filled chain is fastened to the sporran

(Photo above) Trays full of Scotchmen await their sashes and hats

(Photo above) These Brownies are ready for boxing!

(Photo above) Each Scotchman is beautifully packaged and sent on his way

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