We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the QUEEN OF HEARTS.

(Photo above) Felt strips are sewn as part of the Queen's bustle

(Photo above) The elaborately-pieced bustles are finished

(Photo above) The skirt medallions are airbrushed before printing

(Photo above) The completed appliques are precisely arranged

(Photo above) A tray of molded right arms

(Photo above) Each of the molded left arms is carefully finished

(Photo above) After jointing to the bodies, the arms are sewn by hand

(Photo above) Each molded face is trimmed for assembly

(Photo above) A tray of heads await construction

(Photo above) Each face is artistically painted in several stages

(Photo above) Yak hair is used for the Queen's wig

(Photo above) The earrings are fashioned of gilded wood

(Photo above) The wooden handle of the heart fan is sanded

(Photo above) The fan handles are painted gold

(Photo above) Felt-covered hearts are affixed to the handles

(Photo above) The Queen's crown is made of stiffened, printed felt

(Photo above) The gable is constructed of felt and crinoline

(Photo above) The crown and headdress are positioned in place

(Photo above) Heads with authentic gable, lappets, and crown

(Photo above) The felt shoe parts are prepped for forming

(Photo above) The front is formed on the metal last

(Photo above) The back of the shoe is similarly formed

(Photo above) Front and back are connected to the liner

(Photo above) Shoe uppers receive their leather soles

(Photo above) Completed Queens are ready for packaging

(Photo above) Each Queen of Hearts is bursting with fury!

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